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Corona has Made it Clear that Retirement is a Real Thing: Here is a Secret Study that Depicts the Key Way to Boost Retirement Savings

The novel coronavirus has impacted our lives so much that at the present moment, one cannot even think about retirement in the coming future. The whole idea of retirement seems like a distant dream now, but this is natural because the current situation has made it quite clear that one has to struggle more and save the most in the near future if he wants to secure his future.

The science behind the saving is backed by research

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A recent study has shown that people could be persuaded to save more for the future if they are asked to picture their future self in their minds rather than just centering their minds on the dollars and cents they have in their pockets.

The research involved 1202 people who had different income levels, and their ages were between 21 and 71. The study’s main areas of exploring were recording the response of people regarding retirement. The study also included questions that inquired people on how they are planning on saving for their retirement.

For some spending now was more important

This is how the secret study worked. Almost half of the participants were asked how much money they would like to save for their retirement in the form of payroll deduction. After answering these questions, those people were then asked how do they want their life to look when they hit retirement.

A question read, what they would like to do after their retirement. The respondents were quite active in answering those questions and gave potential replies to those. Some wanted to pursue their passion. Some said they will make new friends while others said that they’d like to make the world a better place.

Others valued saving the cents for future spending

The other group was asked similar questions but in a different manner. They were asked the envisioning questions first and were later asked how much they would like to save from their personal paychecks for retirement. On average, the second group of participated voted in favor of upping their savings by 31 percent higher amount per paycheck. While just taking into account the views of millennials, the average amount was 52 percent higher.

The lesson here is simple, if you want to see you getting retired and envision it before your eyes, it can have a positive impact on your savings target. The envisioning of retirement provides you a chance of making a decision on how much amount to put forward toward your nest egg.

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