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Bugatti Unveils Current Chiron Era Lineup Worth 33.15 Million Euros 

French luxury automobile manufacturer Bugatti recently revealed the world’s most exclusive lineup of Hyper Sports Car at the modern headquarters of the company at Chateau St. Jean in Molsheim. Six hypercars were displayed from their Chiron Era lineup. Each artistically crafted with superior innovations and each masterpiece at the pinnacle in the world of Hypercars. Let’s find out what makes each Chiron a worthy successor of the Bugatti Veyron starting from the most expensive edition. 

Bugatti La Voiture Noire – 11 Million Euros

The Black Car, or “La Voiture Noire” in French, is a manifesto of the brand’s aesthetic and a piece of automotive haute couture. The Grand Tourisme Coupe, a tribute to the mysterious Bugatti type 57 sc Atlantic with the whereabouts remain unknown. At 11 Million Euros, “the black car” is the world’s most expensive new car.

Bugatti’s “black car” is deemed as the most expensive there is

Bugatti Centodieci – 8 Million Euros

A reinterpretation of the 1990’s Bugatti EB 110 which was considered to be the fastest supercar of its era. This super-exclusive reinterpretation cost 8 Million Euros net per unit and delivers 1,600 horsepower. Bugatti will only build ten units of the Bugatti Centodieci.

Bugatti Divo – 5 Million Euros

Hailed as the most agile and dynamic car the brand has ever created. The Bugatti Divo boasts the epochal 8-liter W16 engine with 1,500 horsepower. Combined with its optimal handling performance, this track-ready hypercar is built for corners. This aerodynamic car has a price tag of 5 Million Euros and it’s also exclusive, with production limited to only 40 units. 

It is said that no one can rival the Divo’s agility

Bugatti Super Sport 300+ – 3.5 Million Euros

In 2019, the French manufacturer set a new world speed record with the Bugatti Super Sport 300+. With the top speed of 304 miles per hour, it sits at the top of the realm for the fastest production car in the world. They immediately sold 30 units of the vehicle priced at 3.5 million euros each. 

Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport – 3 Million Euros

The newest member of the Chiron family, Chiron Pur Sport. A hyper sports car with a top speed of 350 km/h designed for pure driving and pure adrenaline. A dramatic yet aggressive car; the best example of beauty meets beast. The Chiron Pur sport is limited to only 60 builds and is priced at 3 million euros.

Reportedly, there will only be 60 units to be produced for this hyper sports car

Bugatti Chiron Sport – 2.65 Million Euros

And the final car on the list is the Bugatti Chiron Sport.  This car is Bugatti’s new interpretation of the ultimate super sports car. Installed is also the iconic Bugatti W16 engine that has been elaborately enhanced to improve the car’s elasticity and acceleration. Also limited to only 60 units, this redefined driving machine can reach a top speed of 350 km/h with a slightly cheaper price tag of 2.65 million Euros.

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