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The British Royal Family May Be Extremely Wealthy But They’re Also So Much More Thrifty Than You May Think

Royalty has long been synonymous to luxury and this relation is not unfounded. Worth an estimated $88 billion, according to CNBC, it’s safe to say that the British royal family is very wealthy. However, most people would be surprised to know that despite this massive wealth, the Windsors are actually quite frugal with their money.

Following Her Father’s Example

A young Queen Elizabeth II with her late father King George VI

It appears that the family’s thrifty mindset stems from its head, Queen Elizabeth II herself. Growing up during the Great Depression and then the Second World War, Her Majesty learned her ‘make do and mend’ habits early on in life.

Her father, King George VI, who ascended to the throne three years before the beginning of the Second World War, even had his own thrifty methods. It’s said that the former King even had black guiding lines painted on the Buckingham Palace bathtubs to ensure that residents won’t use more than their fair share of water to show solidarity with the war effort.

During her own rule, the Queen has been known to take the train, re-wear many outfits and even turn off the central heating in her home. And now, it looks like her descendants are also following in her footsteps when it comes to using the family’s fortune wisely.

‘Credit Crunch Couture’

The Duchess has worn the white ensemble to several royal occasions

Back in 2008, Her Majesty’s style was dubbed as ‘credit crunch couture’ after it was revealed that she would be wearing a dress made from some decades-old fabric to a state banquet in Slovenia. The decision made waves as it happened during the height of the financial crisis that hit the world at the time.

The said fabric is a gift the Queen received 20 years before during a tour to the Middle East and has been in storage since. The gold, grey and silver brocade was then turned into a formal evening gown.

Another notable instance demonstrating the Queen’s thrifty fashion sense is when she re-wore the Angela Kelly dress she was seen in during Prince William and Kate Middleton’s 2011 wedding to a visit to Australia just half a year later. Perhaps following suit, her granddaughter-in-law has also been known to wear certain dresses and accessories multiple times.

Even Prince Charles, the heir to the throne, has practiced this habit. In fact, his tailor, Anderson & Sheppard actually keeps the leftover fabric from every piece they’ve made the Prince. What more, he reportedly wore a suit that dates back to the 80s when he attended Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s nuptials.

Getting Thrifty At Home

Prince William and Middleton (in the background) during a cooking class in Montreal, Canada

Cooking home meals is said to be a great way to save money and some members of the royal family are believed to be keen cooks. For one, the Duchess of Cambridge was often spotted shopping for groceries during the time she and Prince William lived in Wales.

Aside from food and clothes, the Queen also seems to be thrifty when it comes to electricity. Some even say that she would walk through the palace turning unused light bulbs off to save on the Buckingham Palace electricity bill.

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