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Best Traits to Look For in a Successful Real Estate Agent

Selling your house or even looking for one isn’t a walk in the park. There are a lot of things to be considered prior to making a transaction, including tremendous research – and let’s not forget about the paperwork and countless meetings interested buyers only to find out that the deal will not materialize in the end. This is where real estate agents come in.

Selling a property, leasing your humble abode, or looking for a new nest are all crucial life decisions where even a single wrong move can negatively affect your finances . For this reason, real estate agents are pretty much heaven-sent.

Real estate agents are a big help in doing the work for clients because they possess far more knowledge about the market

These experts possess far more knowledge than you in terms of the real estate market, hence, they know how to score the best deal possible. Real estate agents know the ins and outs of this business which is why they can take over the tedious process of meeting prospective buyers, negotiating the deal and filing all the paperwork.

However, like finding the right applicant to fill a position in a company, you need to check if the real estate agent you are choosing meets your requirements perfectly.

Here is the list of things to look for in your next real estate agent:

Experience And Legitimacy

First thing’s first, you must check if the agent you are choosing is really licensed. The real estate business, just like any other industry, has its fair share of scammers who lie to their clients about having a lot of certifications under their belt which is why you should always ask for their license before anything else. Having one would mean the person has completed all the requirements needed, including pre-licensing courses.

In addition, it is important to check the real estate agent’s experience in buying and selling properties. Of course, just because the agent is experienced does not mean that they’re good. It simply means that they are more familiar with the ins and outs of the industry than others.

People also tend to favor those who have been in the industry for longer because they prove to be advantageous because of their experience in dealing with other people in the market. Therefore, they know tips and tricks, picked up over years of practice.

Make sure that you’re in talks with a licensed real estate agent to avoid compromising your property’s security.

Impressive Track Record

Along with their experience and legitimacy, also take the real estate agent’s accomplishments into consideration. See how many deals they had closed throughout the year and how consistent they are at their job which will prove their dedication to this trade.

Apart from an impressive track record, it is also important to know if a real estate agent has vast knowledge about the market. The person should have at least an inkling of what the neighborhood is like in the morning, during Halloween, or during school days; where the nearest schools, hospitals, or supermarkets are; or how much taxes should be paid.

Knowledge from basic information to the specifics about the property speaks volumes about the real estate agent. This may mean the person is very hands-on and has done his research even before accepting any offer.

Availability and 

The availability of the real estate agent is as important as his knowledge about the market. Are they always making excuses during meetups? Have there been times when they had to cancel last-minute for another meeting?

If yes, chances are that the real estate agent you have hired has plenty on their plate. They may have commitments to other clients or they are simply juggling with a lot of projects at the moment. However, this shouldn’t be a valid excuse to leave you on the sidelines.

Frequent cancelation of meetings and unavailability are just some of the red flags that indicate a real estate agent’s nonseriousness

There is no denying the obvious: being a real estate agent is very time-consuming. They have a commitment with their client to be available whenever they are needed, but availability and reliability are two important aspects their jobs, especially when a transaction is plagued with problems.

It is important to remember that all agents are human beings. Keep your relationship with them strictly professional and refrain from asking too much favor, especially if they’re not related to the deal. The bottom line is, be reasonable in deciding how you need to communicate with your agent and what information needs to be shared with them.


Finally, find a real estate agent who is not afraid to be honest with you throughout the transaction no matter how horrible the truth may seem. Remember, the agents are your guide and you should trust them but only after you’re assured that they’re acting in your best interest.

Real estate agents may have the skills to persuade clients into buying properties but the more trustworthy ones will make sure that you’re aware of all pros and cons before any deal may transpire.

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