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These 2019 Money Saving Hacks Are All You Need

Almost every single year, people wonder what do they have to do in order for them to save more money. It would seem as if it is one of the most difficult things to do which is why not everyone succeeds by the time the year is over.

Most of you have probably done so many tips and tricks and it just doesn’t seem to work. Financial experts believe that those tips are not the problem, because the problem here is that you cannot commit to the goal of saving money. This 2019, try to revamp your style of saving and do some of these tricks experts have served for this year.

Make Your Savings A Priority

According to public accountants, the very first thing that people must do is to make saving money as one of the things that they need to do, and not just something that they want to do. Making it as a priority will give them that sense of responsibility that they must do it before anything else. It’s best to treat your savings the way you treat your monthly bills, that way you wouldn’t forget to do it and of course allot money into it. Figure out how much you save and plan it out so that you will be organized. It doesn’t have to be so complicated and it must be something that you’re committed to do.

Some people would often skip a month or two and they would end up stopping themselves when it comes to saving and regret will always come towards the end. Keep in mind that saving money is like cooking, it takes time and effort and you can’t simply forget about it. At the end you’ll have a great meal and by saving it is like you’re rewarding yourself by having the discipline as well as the commitment to do so.

Don’t Buy Things You Can’t Afford

One biggest mistake when it comes to saving money is that people keeps on making purchases that they can’t afford, that means using their credit card for unnecessary purchases that leads to them having to pay for it once the bills come.

This leads to them not having enough money to save. Keep in mind that once you get your paycheck, you must allot money to the things that you know are important such as bills. However, loans and credit card bills may take most of it because of unnecessary purchases.

It goes back to getting what you need instead of getting what you want. Some people often find excuses, but at the end of the day no matter how many excuses they have it all comes down to them not having enough money to save.

Try Detox Spending

Cleansing your body is a good thing, but while you cleanse your body it is also best to cleanse the way you spend your money. Financial Gym founder Shannon McLay said that having a spending detox really does change someone’s perspective and habits when it comes to how they spend or use their money. Some people try to do a no-spending days, which is literally a day wherein they wouldn’t spend a single penny.

You may start doing it once a week, and there are some who sets budget for themselves by spending a certain amount of money in a day and they don’t allow themselves to spend more than that.

Taking a break from spending can definitely make you realize how much money you can save from it. You can consume whatever food you have in the house, use the gas that you already have in your car or even grab a ride from a friend by carpooling, and most of all, not getting stuff that you don’t need including random coffee breaks or snacks when you’re out. It doesn’t just help your pocket, but also your financial mentality.

Be A Dedicated Saver

Saving money doesn’t have to be a struggle, it all comes down to how bad you want to save. That is because if you don’t really want to save and you are just forcing yourself then it would be really pointless. Having a goal will help you convince yourself that you must put your head into it and dedicate yourself from having to commit to the fact that you’re saving. Saving money becomes easier when you really want to do it and would love to see how much you have saved by the end of the year, that fulfillment will surely be priceless.

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