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Julia Roberts Sells Malibu Estate for This Mind-Blowing Price

The recent sale of Malibu estate continued the trend of change of property by Julia Robert. According to The Los Angeles Times, this property was bought by her during off-season sale in 2015 for $6.84 Million.

Now she sold this property for $8 Million which has three bedrooms.  The deal was reported by using the same trust that was used before buying a 100-year-old Victorian home in San Francisco in the early days of this year.

But according to limited details which are available about her house is that it is located on an acre plot just across the street from the other houses in Malibu and that has a large field covered with large lawns, rides, and parks.

Did Roberts live there?


Although Roberts and Moder could not live a single night in the sold-out Malibu home, the home includes four luxurious bedrooms and three bathrooms. As an informal beach bungalow, it does not have a traditional front door, somewhat, guests should enter from the sliding door that opens right into the casual dining room.

The bright kitchen contains medium quality stainless steel appliances, and the large living room has white walls and curved ceilings.

What is special about Malibu Estate?

The real value of the property is because of its location. This pancake-shaped house is fully horizontal, with huge lawn areas and a higher border for privacy. A splendid splash of bougainvillea abounds and there are relaxing areas for private and outdoor spaces such as reading, describing life or enjoying a romantic time with a summer lover.

Does She Only Own Her Malibu Estate?

No, there are plenty of more properties that she owns. The remaining residential property is a bluffing property purchased in 2003 for $ 9.5 million. The beautiful star woman also has another beachfront home, worth of $3.895 million ranch-style home with three bedrooms and bathrooms.

It also has an entrance to Little Dume which is one of the most private beaches in Malibu. She rented the house for about $10,000 a month previously. In addition to the properties of Malibu and the $8.3 million estates in San Francisco, the Oscar-winning lady preserves a detached hall in Taos, New Mexico.

He and his wife Elizabeth remain to live in the private town of Silicon Valley in the city of Atherton, California, with the owner of a $13.8 million building. For Roberts, the real estate giant has continued to maintain her prime residence, the property of Point Dume which she has owned since 2003. She also have a multi-acre holiday point on the shores of Hanalei, Hawaii.

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