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Chris Martin’s New Malibu Property is Every Beach Lover’s Dream Come True

Chris Martin is best known as the frontman of the popular British band, Coldplay. But he seems to be focussing his energy on a non-music venture that many other celebrities have turned to buying expensive properties.

While his recent purchase is not a grand mansion, it’s definitely cool enough to make any nature lover or outdoorsy person envious. Here’s a peek inside (and outside) Martin’s new Malibu Beach digs.

Low-key Vibe

The three-bedroom home has a beachy vibe fitting for a California lifestyle

Originally built in the 60s by an unnamed architect, who’s allegedly world famous, the modest house features a minimalist, beach-inspired style. Its airy, elegant and open design also make up for its relatively small size.

The 42-year-old singer reportedly bought the Malibu Beach home for $5.475 million. However, it’s still unclear whether he is going to personally live in the space. One thing’s for sure though, it would be his lost if he chooses not to. While the three-bedroom, three-bathroom home is not the grandest, it sure looks like a super cozy hideaway from the hustle and bustle of showbusiness.

Inside, one can enjoy the open space that is the combined area of the living room and dining room.

The skylights, white oak floors, and high ceilings open up the entire space for both letting in air and light. Home cooks would also enjoy the house as it has a high-end kitchen completed with the latest appliances. One of which is a special wine fridge to keep reds and whites safe from the glaring California heat.

Outdoor-indoor Style

Only a glass sliding wall and door separates the living spaces from the outdoors

Another one of the home’s best elements is its floor-to-ceiling glass sliders which makes the transition from inside to outside seamless. It also sets the tone for the lush green backyard right outside the house and the heated patio by the doors.

The same glass sliders can be found in the master’s bedroom. Here, the sliders serve as an entrance and exit to the full bath and the backyard as well. Meanwhile, the bathroom features an in-theme freestanding bathtub while the home’s other baths continue the beach theme with mermaid wallpapers.

All baths also have large over-the-sink frame windows which further connects the inside of the house to its outside sceneries.

Malibu Portfolio

Martin and Paltrow used to own a home in Point Dume, Malibu before they parted ways

According to sources, Martin owns a couple of other real estate properties in Malibu. One of which is a $14 million mansion she purchased with her former wife, Gwyneth Paltrow, shortly before they decided to call it quits. Located in the coast side area of Point Dume, their former abode is praised for its 70s architecture care of  John Lautner, who was one of California’s premier architects.

Post-divorce, Martin purchased a 6.5-acre property in late 2018 for a reported $4.45 million. The property is known for its on-site 99-seat theater set to satisfy the most discerning of cinephiles. He then made another ‘under-the-radar’ purchase when he bought a $3.7 million ranch house in the neighboring area of Malibu Park.


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