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Inspiring Stars Who Have Transformed Themselves Completely With Amazing Weight Loss Methods

The world’s system is tolerant of quite a lot – from character flaws to actions that challenge the legal justice system. There are quite a few things you could get away with – except for being overweight. You certainly can’t escape getting noticed for being overweight, especially in Hollywood where a daily workout and a nutritionist on your payroll is a need as basic as trying not to become irrelevant. In an industry where even gaining a few pounds is the equivalent of career disaster, is it any surprise that celebrities seem more than willing to dig deep into their bank accounts rather than being forced into early retirement? Some would even argue that it is expensive, but there’s no such thing as too expensive where your body is concerned – or so we thought.

Click NEXT to reveal the transformations – you’ll be floored by how much weight Gabourey Sidibe, Zach Galifianakis & others have lost!

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