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Find Out How Social Media Can Ruin Your Insurance

Social media has taken over the world. Almost everyone owns at least one social media account since it has become a massive part of people’s lives nowadays. However, when people are so preoccupied with what is going on with their accounts, they don’t realize that this could lead to “not-so-great-effects” on their insurance.

According to the most recent statistics by the Global Digital Report, there are 3.196 billion in the world who are actively using at least one social media platform so far in 2018

Years ago, insurance companies know very little about their clients, but they sure have taken the new and more advanced approach to be able to keep up. They have found a way to look for different ways to revise their structures when it comes to dealing with their claimants.

It is important for insurance companies to have enough information from their claimants, so getting into their social media profiles may be one of the most ideal ways to do so.

Insurance Companies Take On Social Media

Not a lot of people are aware that some insurance companies take a peek inside their social media profiles and so there may be times that your posts could actually affect your insurance. One of the most common insurance everyone’s got is with their cars since it is prone to accidents.

So insurance companies take a look at how often you take selfies in the car. If you upload pictures of yourself driving very often, they might find it and could result in having your policy non-renewed since it is a sign that you are a distracted driver.

Another post that you may want to look into is whenever you post screen shots of text conversation, especially when it is about being on your way to somewhere, which could then indicate that you may be texting while driving . Your insurer may deny your claim if ever you get into an accident around the time they see your post depending on when it was posted.

It is always best to make sure you provide the necessary, as well as the correct information when filing for an insurance claim to avoid any issues

For your insurance at home, geotagging may be one thing you need to watch out for. There are a lot of people who are aware that there is a setting on the camera of your mobile phone, wherein geotagging could be switched on without you noticing it.

This could then put your home at risk if ever you are out of town. That is because when someone breaks in, your insurance could deny you and accuse you with negligence especially if they see your pictures on social media with geotags on them.

How Involved Are They With Social Media

The majority of insurance companies have social media pages because they want to reach out to people often and so that they could easily be contacted. It is also a way for them to advertise. However, this does not necessarily mean that as a claimant, you must get rid of your social media profiles. There is nothing for you to fear, if you have got nothing to hide.

Which is why it is the best idea to be frank as well as to be honest with your agent, since one of the most common reasons why insurers cancel or non-renew their claimants’ policies is when they figure out that they are being dishonest and are a fraud.

Social media is not exactly one of the standard underwriting process yet, but it is best to always be prepared when it comes to protecting your own social media pages against insurers.

It is known for years now that insurance companies want you to trust them with your money, but they also have the ability to twist things around, so they can make you not qualify for the kind of insurance you need. Social media is also such a dangerous place, which is why sharing too much of your personal life on it could lead to incidents that could bite you back.

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