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Yvette Gilmore’s Tips For Women to Take the Right Risks in Their Career

Yvette Gilmore, senior vice president at the leading mortgage company, Service Link, is also a business strategy expert. After years of success in the corporate sector, she declares that she frequently had to come across tough career decisions like changing career paths or shifting to a different state. However, the journey was not easy but was worth the success and ascending the managerial roles in the business world.

Here are a few tips that she gives to women who are scared to take risks with their careers.

Pixabay | Women should make their voices heard at the workplace

Tip 1: Recognize your true potential

Women possess superpowers, which are rarely found in men. What are those? A woman can manage an entire household up to bring her children while pursuing a successful career. Women are considered more risk-averse than most men, and research proves that women are most likely to get better positions if they apply.

Sadly, in society, women are not confident and motivated enough to apply for higher positions. They only prefer applying for a corporate job if they are 100% sure to be appointed which is not a wiser option. As men apply for the same job if they are 60% sure to be appointed.

Pixabay | Women are experts at multitasking

Do not have a doubt about your capabilities in your professional journey just because you are a woman or you have a family to cater to. Your talent to handle pressure and challenges are beyond your imagination therefore, do not feel reluctant to proceed in a new direction o take career risk.

Tip 2: Lean on your support system

“Behind every successful man is a woman.” It’s the most repeated quote. However, it doesn’t only apply to only men. A woman also needs a support system to lean on. Try to find support from your spouse, family, friends, or colleagues. Their support will enable you to follow your heart’s path without many complications, and you’d be able to take career risks at all ages.

Vocalize your concerns to your loved ones and discuss what support you require. As you progress in your career, there would obviously be more challenges and hardships to deal with, both in the corporate world and the personal life, with increased responsibilities. While you confide in your loved ones and appreciate their extended support, life and career will seem much easier. Gilmore says, “I couldn’t have done it alone.”

Pixabay | Everyone needs a support system for encouragement

Tip 3: Rely on your intuition

Studies show that 45% of women who are beginners are more likely to take career risks. While only 37% of more experienced women force are willing to further their career as they consider themselves too old for a new challenge. However, it’s never too late to take career risks if you believe you are able to achieve success in the new job. If you are positive that the new job will serve to be a better option besides the change in various factors like timing, location, and new challenges, then you must go for it. If you have good hope, rely on your intuition, and believe us you wouldn’t repent.

It can be thus concluded that women today can take over executive fronts just like men. However, a woman while being a wife and a mother might feel a little more pressure or some hardships that can be eliminated with support from family and society. They should trust their intuition and believe they have those superpowers which can help them overcome any risks that come in their career path.

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