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Work Addiction Can Take its Toll on Your Career- Here’s How

Living in the 21st Century, it is inevitable for one to have fast-paced lives, including striving for the best and putting in great amounts of hard work and effort. But, what if this extra hard work is doing more damage than good?

All workaholics or work addicts have one thing in common: they lean toward their work commitments more than any other aspect of life. Their work rules their lives, and they make little to no time for other things in life. Even though most work addicts have a similar outlook, they do have some different characteristics.

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Read on to discover the 4 classifications of work addiction:

Number 1- The Unstoppable Work Addicts

The unstoppable work addicts are usually unfamiliar with the word ‘rest’. They work constantly and continuously, regardless of whether it is day, night, workday, or a holiday. The only thing that matters to them is work, which is why they are seen as hard-working perfectionists.

They put their work at the top priority which results in a great outcome but, it also minimizes any time for rest. Because of their perfectionist nature, they tend to finish their work faster than usual since their main focus is receiving a task and completing it as soon as possible.

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Number 2- The Bulimic Work Addicts

These work addicts have different characteristics than the unstoppable work addict. Once they are given a task, they tend to procrastinate, and once the deadlines come crashing in, they are filled with energy and motivation to finish their tasks.

They may wait 8 days and finish the task in the last 2 days. These characteristics sometimes are not seen as that of a usual work addict. For bulimic work addicts, there’s no in-between. It’s either complete procrastination or energized last-minute working.

Number 3- The Attention-Deficit Work Addicts

Attention-deficit work addicts are obsessed with the idea of working and completing their tasks yet, they do not observe the same results as the other types of work addicts. These types of work addicts crave adventure and run away from anything monotonous, and sometimes, when the task gets boring, they tend to move on to the next one without finishing the pending work.

Number 4- The Savoring Work Addicts

A savoring work addict is described as slow and coherent in nature. They are the ultimate perfectionists and despise being looked down up. They feel insecure and have the fear of ‘never being good enough’.

Savoring work addicts enjoy the thought of doing the work and then the process of doing the work, which subsequently results in the prolonging of the outcome. Savoring work addicts also struggle with finishing their work- they are always thinking of ways to make it better; hence, further delaying the process.

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If you’ve associated yourself with one- or many- of these categories, it’s time to take a breather and step back from your unhealthy habits. As everything is best done in moderation, the same rule applies to working habits.

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