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Want to Re-Enter the Professional Workforce? Expert’s Tips for Stay-At-Home Parents

Staying-at-home parents lose their confidence and feel less-competitive when they decide to restarted their halted careers. They feel they would not be welcomed warmly in the professional world which makes them feel insecure. However, this is the wrong assumption.

Pixabay |It’s normal to take time off to raise your kids

To Disclose or Not Disclose Your Stay-At-Home Status?

Tani Frana, the career coach at FlexJobs, states that there is no need to hide the fact that you stayed home for a while because they were busy parenting your child. There would be nothing wrong if you preferred giving personal care rather than striving for career advancement. Instead, he suggests mentioning your status as “Intentional Pause in Career” in your resume. Add a point to your resume like this:

“I was on a planned career break to serve for full-time parenting. Now excitedly looking forward to seeking a job.”

This shows your choice to take a pause in the career and your dedication to return back to the corporate world.

Revamp Your Resume

The first step you need to take before applying for a job is to update your resume. List your new skills and achievements. It’s not necessary to mention the professional experience only. In fact, you can extend your resume by stating all the new skills and expertise you got to discover while you were looking after your child at home. It might be cooking, typing, freelancing, or an experience of marketing on social media.

Pixabay |Your resume needs to be updated at all times

Add Professional Skills to Your Employment History

Usually, when staying at home, parents are either earning a livelihood by doing a remote, part-time job, business from home, or voluntary work. That can be classified as professional experience. However, do not exaggerate them in order to make your resume look glossy.

Create A Personal Portfolio Website

Create a free website to highlight your previous work and samples and relevant proof of your education and work experience. As the whole world is rapidly going digital, this website helps put a good impression on the employer and draw attention to your talent and capabilities.

Make An Account On LinkedIn

Staying in touch with the external world through social media is one way to outstand from a thousand others. It helps you connect with business professionals who are on the hunt for employees. Not only this, but you get to become a part of the international network of mentors and guiding professionals who suggest courses and certifications that can help you raise your bar while staying home.

Pixabay |LinkedIn is the most important social media site for your professional life

Update Your Skills

Job-seekers are usually stressed out by the fear that their skills have rusted by staying at home for this long. Frana suggests that they should invest this break-in learning a new skill or undergoing a short course.

Or if you have a school-age child who is taking online sessions, then you already get a chance to learn the use of various software like Zoom, Word, and Google Meet, etc. which you can mention on your resume.

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