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Want to Keep Your Creative & Analytical Skills Sharp For Work? Take On These Interesting Hobbies On Your Free Time

Self-improvement should be a lifelong practice, especially for people who want to advance their professional career. Doing so would help an individual, not only better themselves, but also reach and live up to their full potential. Luckily, there are many simple yet enjoyable ways a person can do this. Here are some hobbies scientists say can actually make people smarter.

Playing an Instrument

Learning an instrument has a lot of benefits, no matter how old the learner is

Here’s a chance to finally achieve one’s childhood dream of being able to play an instrument. According to experts, playing music has plenty of advantages from honing a person’s analytical skills to helping them become more creative. The activity reportedly strengthens the corpus callosum, which also means better executive skills, problem-solving skills, and memory.

Reading Fiction & Non-Fiction

Another good news is that reading, be it the latest issue of a national daily or a Harry Potter book, can be beneficial for people. Because doing the leisure activity can reduce stress, it can also lead to an increase in various types of intelligence from crystallized to fluid to emotional.

This benefit, in turn, helps an individual navigate their everyday life and interpret other people’s feelings better. In the workplace, this can translate to better people managing skills.

Working Out Regularly

Hearing that regular exercise is a good thing is no longer surprising. Outside of weight loss benefits, working out consistently also helps people focus and concentrate thanks to a protein produced during physical activity. In connection with this, staying stationary for long periods of time has been observed to prevent the brain from working well.

Acquiring Another Language

Learning a new language is also being touted as the possible ‘missing link’ a person needs to take on high-level corporate positions

Bilinguals, according to research, has been proven to be better at solving puzzles than their monolingual counterparts. This said experts encourage people to try learning a new language to reap benefits such as the ability to perform mentally demanding work much better. There’s also the fact that speaking another language is an impressive skill that might improve one’s standing in the eyes of foreign executives.

Review Past Learnings

Aside from acquiring new knowledge, it’s also important that one tests themselves once in a while to review past learnings. People can do this by reviewing what notable things they’ve learned from the recent books they’ve read, for example.

Getting Into Meditation

Another great thing about meditation is that people can do it almost anywhere

Although not entirely a new concept, the practice of meditation has gotten quite a larger following in the past years. It’s no surprise though considering the impressive benefits it has. The practice is quite popular among ambitious people because of its supposed ability to let people control their own brain waves.

What more, meditation can help an individual control their feelings as well, a skill that can be useful when facing challenges in the workplace.
Read on to find out the many enjoyable ways you can improve your thinking skills for work.

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