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Want to Change Cities? Here are a few Tips for Landing you the Perfect Job at Your Destination

Relocating to a new city can be exciting as well as stressful. The primary dilemma for a working professional while moving to a new place is whether to move first or look for a job in the new city first. Your pay-check could hold the solution to this puzzle.


Unsplash | Relocating to a new city can be exciting as well as stressful

Now, there could be two scenarios in which relocation becomes smooth. One, you are moving because your company is asking you to move. Two, you are transitioning to explore better opportunities. In any scenario, the following strategies might come handy.

Do your research

You may need to conduct a lot of research before making a transition. You can’t just pack up your bags and land at a whole new place. You’d need to ensure that all your documents are in place, including your visa, passport, etc. And let’s not forget the duration; depending on whether it will be a long term settlement or a short venture, the stuff you carry along will have to be managed. Everything will need to be pre-planned.

Be proactive, but with restraint

It’s always advisable to be active while making a move. While you should keep looking for opportunities, you mustn’t start applying for new jobs before leaving your current city of residence. Online portals can be a great help here. Inform interviewers about your availability if anyone gets lined up during the transition period.

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Use your circle

This is the time when your previously-built connections can help you. Your friends or colleagues from your ex-office might turn up as angels. You can discuss your requirements with them. They can at least recommend a few jobs if they’re not in a position to get you hired somewhere. It is quite a seamless relocation if you’ve impressed your boss for an internal transfer (possible in the case of multi-national companies).


Unsplash | Your friends and ex-colleagues can refer opportunities at the new place

Know about the place

You must perform all the groundwork before the final act. This includes finding out the perfect location/city where there are opportunities for you. You must know whether there are jobs related to your industry. Few more things to keep in mind are commuting facilities from your home to office, eating joints (if you don’t cook yourself), market availability for essentials, etc.

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Take advantage of social media

Technology provides people with a great platform to explore employment opportunities. Powerful applications like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc., have all the required information about several companies in a particular city/country. You may join some social groups to become aware of the job opportunities near your location.


Unsplash | Leverage social media to tap into new jobs

Wrap up

When it comes to relocating to your dream city, it can be a challenging task. Hence, it would help if you looked for various feasible options. This might include finding temporary jobs to ease your settlement in the new city. Don’t be afraid of such challenges. Instead, embrace the change and go with a flow.

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