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Want to Advance Your Career or Increase Your Salary? Learn These New Collar Job Skills Now!

Everyone wants to land their dream job. However, the reality is that not everyone possesses the skills and qualifications to get their dream job. Even more so if you didn’t finish your studies and obtain a bachelor’s degree. How can you advance your career and increase your salary if you don’t have a college degree? According to ZipRecruiter, you can acquire these skills to land these new collar jobs and advance your career ladder.

The Inspiring Story

Josh Hannaford, who served his apprenticeship at IBM, has shared his inspiring story about how he landed his first-ever full-time position. Seeing the IBM’s apprentice program ads which used the phrase “no degree no problem” first motivated him to apply for the said company.

He revealed how he was surprised that prestigious tech companies like IBM were tapping the inferior workforce and welcomed undergraduates, dropouts to land a good job opportunity and a chance to change their lives. He couldn’t resist such a wonderful opportunity and so, he decided to apply for an internship.

Hannaford dropped out during his first year at North Carolina State because he felt learning in a traditional school didn’t work for him.

He quit his job at a local shoe store and went to Alamance Community College. The said college institution is an education partner of IBM in Graham, North Carolina, to pursue a career in technology. A year after his software engineering apprenticeship, IBM offered him a full-time position, which will start this coming October.

The compensation he’ll have is doubled to what he usually makes at the shoe store. Aside from that, his salary will also rise when he gets a new promotion. Hannaford reveals how this amazing opportunity has changed his life as well as his financial status.

The Rise of New Collar Jobs

According to the website ZipRecruiter, Hannaford’s new job as a software engineer is just one of the new-collar jobs that are in high demand right now. What’s great about these new-collar jobs is that it only requires specific skills from an employee, regardless of his or her educational attainment.

The skills gap most companies have due to the evolution of digital age make them look for qualified applicants while overlooking their lack of bachelor’s degree. According to ZipRecruiter, most new-collar jobs offer the potential for career growth, job security, and a large salary increase which are unavailable from other jobs because of the high-demand in keeping up with technological advancements.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most new-collar jobs offer six-figure salaries to their employees. Even an employee with no degree can earn about $40,000 a year if he or she possesses the skills for non-collar jobs.

ZipRecruiter CEO Ian Siegel also reveals how these jobs are enticing enough to the public that even people with bachelor’s degrees are shifting their career to learn these new skills. Their study reveals that most employees want to learn these new skills to boost their salaries.

Another employee named Meryl Dakin revealed how she was an English major in college in New Orleans. She discovered that her love for learning languages extended up to coding. So when she and her husband moved to New York, she started attending technology classes in Flatiron School. Now, she works as a software engineering for the said school and has been making around $30,000 or more.

Finding the Right Skills

Now that you know there are far better opportunities in new-collar jobs, Siegel reveals that finding the right skills suitable for you is the next crucial step to take. Fortunately, many companies and schools are offering training and programs to learn these new-collar job skills. You can even take up a self-learning online course to go on your pace.

Here are the skills you can choose to learn that are in-demand nowadays according to Flatiron School:

  1. Angular JS
  2. HTML 5
  3. JQuery
  4. JavaScript
  5. Python
  6. Design Development
  7. Software Development
  8. Java
  9. MySQL
  10. PHP
  11. AutoCAD
  12. Amazon Web Services
  13. SQL Server
  14. Relational Database
  15. User Interface Design

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