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Tried and Tested Job Tips for 2021

Coronavirus has gobbled up every ounce of normalcy that was ever present in the world. Your Christmas dinner became a solemn affair with no gift exchange amidst family uproar. Your local school grounds which used to ring with students’ laughter longs for a gleeful sound.

Coronavirus also emptied office buildings- with now only a few workers stuck working from home, while many found themselves laid off without any notice, striving to earn their bread and butter through other means.

Unsplash | Social isolation left people lonely and desperate for interaction

Thus, when the new year began at the stroke of 12, people all over the world were buoyed by the arrival of a new year, hoping that the next 365 days will be a bright turn from the previous year, bringing the sounds of laughter back to the world and ending the spell of misery.

If you are among those who have been uncaringly displaced the past year, you can still win yourself a well-paying job if you practice the below-given advice.

1. Befriend technology

The past year proved that technology is your friend if you choose to treat it hospitably. Technology can be your brain and biggest asset if you stop thinking of it as an adversary. Thus, advance your knowledge of technology as much as you can to brighten your prospects of securing a job in the foreseeable future.

Unsplash | Technology can help you open new doors

2. Practice online interviews

Your future employer is searching for you on online platforms. It is time for you to amp up your skills to meet him at the crossroad. Practice for online interviews. Ensure you have a top-notch internet connection and the right hardware to make a video conference go without a hitch.

3. Customized resume

It is easier to make a standardized CV and ship it to every employer, hoping to bait one who can land you your dream job. However, your employer is aware of this age-old tactic of making a general CV. The HR will be impressed if you customize your CV for the specific organization and position you are applying for. This shows your commitment to the job and your passion for landing a job.

Unsplash | Never stop updating your resume

These tips can prove really helpful once the spread of corona eases up a bit, and there is a sudden spike in the job vacancies in the world, as businesses begin hiring again to move back to their old peak positions before the economic downturn.

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