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Tried and Tested Career Tricks to Achieve Success

Success is defined by Merriam-Webster as “the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame.” However, some of the most successful people in the world don’t even bring up money into it, even if it is what makes it possible. Unfortunately, not a lot of people consider themselves successful in what they do because they either coordinate it with wealth and also base their happiness meter to it.

Being passionate and loving what you do are two of the most common tips people often say when talking about success. But most people don’t seem to find it enough to take on the road to success.

A survey from Strayer University revealed that 90 percent of Americans connect success with happiness instead of wealth

Don’t Wait For An Opportunity, Create It

People are always waiting for the perfect opportunity to stand out, to speak up, to do what they have to do because it is always about the perfect timing. Most people believe that things happen for a reason at all times, so if success does not happen to you, then it is just not meant to be and you just got to keep waiting. However, why waste time waiting for the apple to fall from the tree is you can stand up and just pick it yourself.

A lot of people are always in the lookout for opportunities to open for them, so why not choose to stand out to get noticed in this competitive world? There are tons of people out there who are always complaining about how much they hate their jobs, but most of them simply does not do anything bout it.

According to Terri Hockett, the chief executive of the career website, What’s For Work? Creating a position for yourself is the kind of tip that no one usually bothers to look into, but once you realize it, this makes sense especially if you are one of those who just keep on waiting as if you’re a damsel in distress doing nothing but to wait and be saved. The only person who can help you is yourself, look for opportunities or better yet create them.

Study the industry you want to be a part of, determine what are the things you can do enhance so don’t stop learning. Be someone who is not just great at what they do, but also someone who is one of a kind to the point that you are irreplaceable.

(Experts believe that there are no secret ingredients for success, people who are already successful don’t even consider themselves as one.

Don’t Be Yourself All Time

One of the most common tips that people give is to be yourself at all times and you will find yourself succeeding in whatever you choose to do. It does seem so nice to hear but what people don’t realize is that this doesn’t work all the time. Rephrasing it might work though, for instance, you’re the type of person who is not like comfortable being around people, but you are truly passionate about becoming a world-renowned physician.

Instead of being yourself, why not try to become a better version of yourself. This would mean you don’t necessarily need to change, you just have to focus on what you are passionate about and use that as an inspiration to become someone you have always wanted to be. No one can truly change who they are as a person, but this can be enhanced such as having the courage to face your fears.

According to recent statistics, a huge number of Americans are not happy with their careers and 70 percent of them hate what they do every single day, which they consider as a hindrance to their success.

Being yourself also risk not getting as many opportunities. There are people who can be negative sometimes and that is not exactly what companies are looking for. What you can do is to turn things around and work on that aspect, learn how to compromise with yourself without sacrificing the real you.

This is kind of the same thing as not mixing professional and personal life. There are some moments wherein you must be a certain way at work but it must not interfere with who you really are as a person.

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