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Top-Paying Jobs for People Who Hate Math!

Did you hate math when you were still a kid? Did you find your head throbbing the moment you saw numbers while trying to solve math problems? If so, you probably don’t want to associate your career with numbers. Fortunately, you can still ace your field and land a stable job without dealing with math and data all day. We’ve combined these top-paying jobs that don’t require heavy math skills. And who knows, you might end up landing one of them someday!

Ship Engineer

Whenever we hear the word “engineer,” we immediately assume it involves complicated math skills. All engineers have excellent skills in dealing with numbers right? However, this isn’t the case with ship engineers. You only need intermediate skills in math to land this job.  Why? It’s because a ship controller mainly oversees and monitors the crew’s activities related to maintaining and operating the ship engines. You don’t have to learn how to operate an engine to supervise your crew.

Technical Managers

Do you aspire to work in a radio or television program? Achieve your dream by becoming a technical director! This job requires you to coordinate with the technical department’s work. You will have to deal with the editing part, engineering, maintenance, and taping shootings for TV programs. This position can offer you a yearly salary up to $70,950.

Director (for motion picture, radio, stage, or television)

Work in the multimedia field by becoming a movie/show director

Do you aspire to direct a radio, stage play, TV show, or even motion graphics for an animated series? You can now achieve your dream by becoming a director! This job requires you to conduct and coordinate rehearsals, direct activities, interpret scripts, and leading the cast and technical crew in creating your multimedia masterpiece. You can earn money as much as technical managers do.


Are you fond of uncovering the past? Do you spend your days reading history books and learning from medieval times? Do you love to read stories about ancient times? Then, maybe it’s time to transform your hobby into a solid career! You can work as a  professor to teach courses about human history and earn as much as $71, 820 annually.

Sociology Teacher

Are you fond of socializing with people? Are you interested in learning about human relationships and how it affects our culture and society? Why don’t you try becoming a sociology teacher? Sociology refers to the study of social interactions. You’ll learn diverse topics from crime to religion, from the fundamental structure of society such as the family, up to the head of state.

You’ll learn how the environment and culture shape our beliefs and principles in life as we grow up.  You can teach sociology to college or postgraduate students. State universities will pay up to $71,840 just to hire a sociology teacher. What are you waiting for? Start taking up a sociology course now!

Mobile Inspectors

Were you fond of playing with cars as a kid? Do you love learning about cars and vehicles? It’s time for you to realize your dream and become a mobile inspector. A mobile inspector monitors the vehicles, transportation equipment, and its systems to ensure that they abide by the rules and safety standards in roads and driving. Mobile inspectors earn as much as $73,000 in annual salary.

Dental hygienist

A dental hygienist is responsible to clean your teeth and assess your oral areas such as neck and head to determine if you have some oral diseases. They usually give the go signal before the dentist starts your dental operation. A dental hygienist can earn an astounding $72,910 in a year.

Clinical psychologist

Become a mental health advocate by practicing psychology

Do you want to help people with mental health illnesses? Do you aspire to help them overcome the struggles or mental battles they’re experiencing?  A psychoanalyst can evaluate any mental and emotional disorders of their patients through psychological tests, interviews, and clinical sessions. A clinical health worker receives up to $73,270 in a year.


Are you an advocate of alternative and herbal medicine? You can nurse your patients by providing a pain relief and relaxation treatment through acupuncture. Acupuncture treats your body by injecting thin needles into your body. An acupuncturist earns up to $74,530 yearly. 

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