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Tips for Social Networking Like a Pro Despite Being an Introvert

Today the world has spread its root in terms of density of population and the social engagements that follow. Every day there is an invite to a night out, an office bonding party, or a wedding celebration. These are also hotspots for making connections. These connections can prove very useful in the long run, especially if you are out looking for a job or a contractor to undertake your upcoming project with utmost sincerity.

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Just imagine if you do not have to fall in the trifle of looking at newspaper advertisements to fulfill both these tasks, and your concerned person is just at your fingertips in the form of a contact number? It might seem unachievable, especially if you are an introvert.

However, you too cannot deny the fact that social networking has become crucial for thriving in this world. here are three tips that can help you make strong social ties and acquaintances with a large crowd.

  1. Prompt the conversation with a question

Facing an awkward meeting, and you do not know where to begin? Start by posing a question to the other person. it could be anything ranging from asking about how their day went, or what interests do they hold, or something as obvious as what are they doing there (Obviously, they are there the same way you are there)? Chances are you will spur the other person into a lengthy diatribe about themselves, and you might only have to add a hmm and a nod at spaces. Some people love talking about themselves.

Unsplash | Don’t miss out on any chance to spark up a conversation

  1. Seem congenial with your body language

If you are socially awkward, you do not have to impress the other person. Mold your body language to radiate confidence. Also, study the pose of the other person critically because it would give you definite clues of what the other person is thinking. If he or she is holding his hands back, the chances are that they too are anxious. You found yourself a doppelganger! Likewise, folded arms also signal disinterest.

You could appear confident by maintaining eye contact and putting on a congenial smile. You could also try imitating the other person’s body language, which could relay that you trust the other person and admire her. A sure trick to make the other person like you back!

Unsplash |Your body language says everything about your personality

  1. Leave on a good note

As crucial as it is to start a conversation on a positive note, it is equally important to end it that way too. As soon as you feel your conversation lulling into an eerie silence, know it is the right time to sign off. Make an excuse and walk off.

You do not want your acquaintance to get fed up with your long monologues. Your trial does not have to last forever. Two to five minutes of conversation on a high note can easily make a long-lasting impression.

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