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Tips for Retaining The Job You Have Even if You Hate it

 Retaining the Job

Employed Jobseekers Looking for A Change Are Advised Not to Resign Unless They Have Been Selected By Another Employer.

Jobseekers that are employed often advise other candidates they should never give up a job unless they have been selected by another employer. This simply means if you have a job but are not satisfied with it for some reason, you are advised not to turn in your resignation before you go through the tips we have provided in this discussion which will provide you the assistance you need for retaining the job you have.

If you have decided to quit the job, you don’t need to continue with the position forever but the least you can do is to remain with your present employer until you have another job lined up. It can get pretty difficult for you to find a job after you become unemployed. It is precisely the reason why we are providing the tips for retaining the job you have.

The Top Tips For Retaining Your Job

Can You Make it Work?

 Retaining the Job

Could You Begin Doing Things Differently In Order To Retain The Job?

Is there anything you can begin to do differently to ensure your present job begins to work? Could you request a change of shift or a transfer to a different department? Can you think of anything which would make a difference and convince you to not retaire the job?

Working Hard

Most employers are aware that employees spend some time on their mobiles but conveniently overlook the problem as long as the employees are focusing on the job and giving the employer full value for the money they are being paid. It is perhaps the reason why companies choose to retain the most productive employees when they are required to make layoffs for economic reasons. Do not compromise on the habit of working hard because it could possibly give you an opportunity of retention if your company is thinking about laying off people.


 Retaining the Job

Punctuality Is Essential When You Are Looking To Retain The Job.

Employees who often report late for work, take extra time during lunch hour, utilize sick time frequently or leave work early every day aren’t the most favored by employers. Therefore, you are advised to maintain punctuality rather than making excuses and telling the employer why you cannot be at work on time.

Being a Team Player

Employees that do not get along with your colleagues and that are not willing to help out when necessary, are not going to be appreciated by the employer. Make an effort to become a team player because your employer will begin to value your presence.


When trying to hang on to your job one of the key components will be flexibility. Your employer may need staff to change shifts, put in overtime or work a different schedule. If you ever come across a situation of this type, do not hesitate to grab the opportunity. It will give your employer the impression that you are flexible and should be retained at all costs.

If after going through all of the above you still do not like the job, you can rest assured your employer will have no difficulties in finding a replacement for you. This means, in this case, the employment scenario is upside down and is favoring employers and therefore, you should be extra careful about complaining. However, it is also necessary for you to suffer silently until you have found another placement. Here is what you can do to get over your current predicament:

1- Offer to help. You can ask your present employer to give you more responsibilities and be prepared to help with any new initiatives which may crop up from time to time.

2- Do not express your thoughts. You are aware that you hate your job but there is no reason for you to publicize your thoughts. You should be keeping the information with you without even disclosing it to your family or friends.

3- Be positive. It would be beneficial if you always have a positive attitude because negativity can be contagious. It may not be the easiest job in the world but is certainly doable and if you make an attempt to stay positive even when you are in a difficult situation, you would be able to manage it appropriately.

The job you have may not be the best suited for your qualifications or abilities and you would rather consider doing something else. However, you cannot ignore the fact that you need a paycheck by the end of the month to ensure you can pay the bills. Therefore, you must make a concerted effort for retaining the job you have.

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