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Tips to manage Stress and Be Careful Once Offices Resume Post Lockdown

There would hardly be anyone who’d not be excited to get back to work after the Coronavirus lockdowns are lifted. It’s not that people haven’t enjoyed working from home; it’s just that many have missed the bustling of an office. However, medical experts warn that it’s paramount that people keep their mental and physical health in check when returning to workplaces.


Unsplash | Keeping mental and physical health in check when returning to workplaces is essential

According to psychiatry and behavioral health experts, uncertain and unpredictable situations can trigger unhealthy fear and stress; and the current times are situations like these. Hence, currently, the issue at hand is how people will be able to cope with the new environment COVID-19 has created.

Well, have a look at these tips that can help.

Ensure that your workspace is safe

Know that if you don’t feel safe in a place, you will be stressed. So, it’s better to inquire from your superiors if everything to keep you safe is in place. If you’re sure that the office is safe, then you too should follow all the safety guidelines. You should practice physical distancing, use hand sanitizers, and even stay at home if you feel unwell. If you follow this, you’ll feel safe and also enhance the safety of your coworkers.

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Manage your stress

Try to practice mindfulness and self-care. This will relax your breathing and nerves and give you the confidence to return to work.


Unsplash | Practice mindfulness and self-care when in office

Don’t stop exercising

Most chronic conditions and health issues can be prevented if people can adjust their lifestyle. You can stay fit if you engage in consistent physical activity, reduce alcohol and cigarette intake, and eat fruits, vegetables, and a balanced diet. Couple that with timely healthy discussions with peers, and you can ensure the well-being of your body, mind, and soul.

Avoid overcrowding in the office

Once you notice that your office is getting crowded, you can inform your boss that you want to work from home. If you see that some spaces can’t contain you after observing the physical distancing rule, you can excuse yourself. It’s better to stay away than jeopardizing your mental and physical health.

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Unsplash | Even work at office, don’t forget basic precautions like face masks

A few final words

The World Health Organization has said that COVID-19 is here to stay. So while lockdown and restrictions are being eased in many countries, you should keep making efforts to stay safe. Don’t forget to use hand sanitizers or wash your hands with running water and soap for 20 seconds. The use of face masks is also necessary. Also, wipe the hard surfaces in your office before and after use and properly dispose of tissues and towels. You can also do the big deep breaths to ensure that you are good.

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