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Tips to Adhere to When Seeking a Job in Uncertain Times

Securing a job is everyone’s topmost priority. The monthly paychecks you receive from your regular job act as a gateway to your dreams and a good life standard. Want to go cruising to an island? You need money. Want to go parting at a club? You need cash.

In some cases, a regular job is the only source of income, and in failing to hold onto it, one loses their means of sustenance, which could be a highly stress-inducing scenario. It is not uncommon for unemployment to cause a lot of anxiety for the person seeking the job and for all the family members dependent on that breadwinner for their daily needs.

Unsplash |You need cash to afford that next vacation

Our simple advice to you is to hold your heart and overcome this anxiety because it will only cloud your judgment and make you incapable of making good decisions, which may include accepting a position that undervalues your skill or tying yourself to a firm with no possibilities of future promotion.

1. Acknowledge your unemployment 

As long as you are skilled and your skill is in demand, your unemployment streak will not last long. The outbreak of coronavirus led to widespread unemployment, but one must always look forward. Once global economies recover and arise from this sludge, there will be a lot of job vacancies to be filled, and you will be sure to grab one position for yourself.

2. Do not overwhelm yourself 

It is not easy to think of something else when you are in a state of financial misery with your next month’s utility bills and rent payments eyeing your purse from afar. However, constantly thinking about it can do nothing to speed up time.

Instead, allocate a few specific hours to your job search and spend the rest of your day with family and friends and investing time in your favorite hobbies. After all, once you hit your jackpot, spare time will be hard to come by. Consider this break as a pre-work vacation.

Unsplash |Don’t let your anxiety render you unable to perform minimal tasks

3. Chart a plan

Life has thrown you a bumper chance to reevaluate yourself so that you can take your next leap. Closely peruse your skillset. Look for different employers in the market. Closely assess their packages and benefits, or even look towards a different field that requires your specific skill set. You will surely be surprised by the arenas that will open up to you. Use the spare time to redesign your resume and update your LinkedIn profile.

Unsplash | Use this time to update your social media links

Finally, cast off a few job applications to the organizations you would love to work with, and do not panic if they do not call back immediately. Chances are the companies might currently be in hibernation, waiting for the second wave of the coronavirus to pass off, before starting new recruitments.

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