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Thinking about a Career Change? These Are the Unexpected Things That Might Happen During the Process

The hard truth is this: if you really don’t want your work, it won’t adjust for you to like it. There are a few who are in a job they so love, which usually mirrors their passion in life.

However, most of us would agree that we are stuck doing something that just pays the bills and brings food to the table but doesn’t feel purposeful at all. Some may suddenly realize that this is not what they want to do for the rest of their lives. Both scenarios would make you think about a career shift.

In films, it appears that leaving your job to pursue another career is the most liberating feeling in the entire world. While that may be true for others, fictional stories oftentimes leave the hard fact that the process is not as glamorous as it seems.

A career change may be necessary and is what’s best for you but that doesn’t exclude the nitty-gritty, albeit ugly, parts of the transition. Here are some unpleasant things behind the shift that you have no idea about:

It Will Be a Slow Process

This phase is like a long car drive

Remember when you were still a kid and used to be bored during long car drives? This time, the journey is your career change and you will still be the same child wondering when the ride is going to be over. You are likely to learn about the details of your new venture slowly as these unfold through time. But, no matter how long time can seem, you need to be patient.

Trial and Error

You also have to make sacrifices

At this point, you should not just be patient but also resilient. Just imagine: you have been doing the same job for the past umpteen years and shifting to another entirely different path means it will not be a walk in the park.

There will be a lot of trial-and-error moments, but this shouldn’t be the reason to immediately quit your new chosen career. Besides, breaking out of your comfort zone can be the reason to gain new skills.

The point is, doing the wrong things, in the beginning, is just normal as long as these don’t discourage you from incessantly knowing what will work for you.

Make Sure You Have a ‘Safety Net’

During this unglamorous phase, you likely would have left your former job. This is why you need to have some sort of a safety net – a scaffolding that will financially support you as you try your luck with your new venture. If you are a millionaire, then it won’t be a problem, but for most of us, this means figuring out another source of income.

Tutoring and other part-time jobs are a great source of income

Plus, if you immediately hopped onboard your new career, it won’t bring you money pronto. So it is only logical to have something you can rely on financially until you have built your next venture. This could mean part-time gigs so you can work on your new baby while still earning.

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