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Thinking of a Career Change At the Time of the Pandemic? Here’s What You Need to Know

There may be no better time to think of a career change than now. After all, the uncertainty brought about by the pandemic has been harboring fear among the public, particularly the employment sector.

When the pandemic erupted, companies made the hard decision to let go of some of their employees while others created furlough schemes. Other brands have transitioned to the work-from-home setup as they value their workers’ safety and health. Because many industries have been dealing with the major blow, a lot of people have also been considering a change in career.

Deal-Breakers, Acquired Skills

If you have no idea about where to start, career coach Hannah Salfon recommends reflecting on what you really enjoy in your previous job. Moreover, analyze whether you prefer to work individually or with a team. Ponder on what your requirements will be for your career shift – think of unnegotiable factors like salary or location. It’s better to analyze the deal-breakers and understand how crucial they are for you.

Deliris/Shutterstock The pandemic prompted companies to hit pause

Then, use the skills you acquired in your past job to look for a new career. For instance, because ‘team communication’ sounds too vague, you may want to be more specific.

You can focus on the type of communication you have developed. Knowing the specifics will help you find the next work where you can apply your skillset – this way, you are sort of ‘transferring’ the talents you’ve learned.

Connections, Networking

Revisiting connections you’ve formed in your previous job is essential in making an important employment step such as a career change. This is why it is crucial to never burn bridges with former coworkers and clients because they may help you sooner or later.

Nitchakul Sangpetcharakun/Shutterstock Building a network is crucial in seeking jobs

Many years ago, simply building a comprehensive portfolio and an impressive LinkedIn account will do. However, networking is as crucial because it is where you can meet potential employers.

Bridge Jobs

Finding a new career path is not for everybody – some may find comfort or happiness in what they currently do while others see themselves retiring in their line of work. Nonetheless, the global health threat has forced everyone to reflect on what really matters.

The coach advised seeking a temporary job, also called a bridge job. Finding a short-term gig can provide you mental clarity which you can use to think about what you really want to pursue and to weigh if you really still want to stay in your profession.

Fizkes/Shutterstock Focus on a specific transferable skill

Again, transferable skills are essential as it can help you easily find a bridge job that you will love. Knowing your skillset will help you find another line of work.

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