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Telltale Signs To Know That It’s Time To Quit Your Job

A bad day at work is a normal phenomenon, and we often even experience bad weeks. Despite having a not-so-good experience at work, that does not mean that we have to quit right away. Life’s tough and we should always remember that working to have a life is going to be tough, too. A quick vacation or a day off work might be able to fix that, but if it doesn’t, then it’s time to do some hard thinking.

More than 2.7 million people quit their job every month

According to a recent survey, more than 2.7 million people quit their respective jobs every month. This is a disheartening survey because while others struggle to find work, others just drop theirs. But it’s all part of the industry and quitting our jobs should serve a higher purpose. It can be for emotional and social health, personal growth, or medical reasons why we have to hand in that resignation letter. So how exactly to know when to quit a job? Here are the signs that might include us on the 2.7 million people next month.

There is no more passion

As what they always say, “Make your passion your profession”. This is because doing what we love can give us an emotional boost that will keep us going. It feels more fulfilling to have a job that we actually care for than just showing up every day to work so we can get an intact salary. There are still stresses to be dealt with even if we choose our passion, but we can commit to making it work and we can get the satisfaction that we need to do more.

Office harassment

Speak to a human resource officer to resolve disputes that are going on in the workplace

Even if people around the world are speaking up about harassment that takes place in the office, there are still predators that don’t know how to control themselves. We are not just talking about intimate abuse, but also verbal like being cussed or degraded by a boss and co-employees. This is obviously not a safe place to grow and we might end up risking our security if we linger. The first thing that should be done on office harassment is not to instantly quit. Employees should be honest about their experience on offices like the Human Resource or the management. This is to make other people aware that such things are happening in the workplace. If they don’t do anything about it, then, they’re telling us that they tolerate these behaviors. Only then an employee should and must quit.

No work-life balance

An average person works 8 hours a day. That doesn’t include the time that he/she needs to get ready, commute to and from work, and accept overtimes. The 8 hours alone is taking up most of our hours, and we give lesser time to ourselves and loved ones. That is why it’s okay to say no to overtime and working on off days just because our boss said so. If a person spends more time in the office than with a family or friends, then, maybe it’s time to consider a new employer.

Physical manifestations

Make sure to prioritize health over anything else

There are people who hate their job so much that they become physically ill. It’s like their bodies are rejecting their work and all the stress that comes with it. If our jobs are starting to affect our health, it’s clearly time to cut the cord. It’s not worth going to a job that can make us sick. Jobs should complement our lives, not take it. After all, health is true wealth.

There is no growth

Our job should not only pay our bills but it should also be able to contribute growth, both personal and professional. Since we spend most of our days working our jobs, we have to somehow get benefits from it more than just the monetary terms. Being stuck at work that isn’t going anywhere can be a waste of time. There are many factors to why a company is not growing anymore. It can be because a long-term goal has already been achieved or it’s on a brink of bankruptcy. Either way, it’s best to find a new job that can offer a room to grow.

Quitting a job is always a risky decision that is why it’s best to consider all the things listed above before moving on to a fresh start.

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