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How to Have a Successful Career—According to Life Coach Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is a famous author, life coach, and public speaker. His words have touched the lives of millions, inspiring so many people to become the best version of themselves. He recently spoke about his thoughts advice for young people who are just getting started on their careers, here are his empowering words for the youth. 

Famed life and business coach Tony Robbins dishes out on how to achieve a successful career.

Stop Focusing On Yourself

Tony believes that people tend to suffer from thinking that they are not good enough or capable enough for the task that is given to them, and this is because they are only focused on themselves. But when you switch your perspective and think about the needs of others, it becomes a lot more motivating.

Knowing that you are able to affect change in the lives of people around you gives you a stronger sense of purpose and pushes you to do your best no matter what the circumstances are. Instead of thinking ‘Am I not good enough?’, think ‘What can I do to be of better service?’.

Being a positive influence on other people’s lives gives you a sense of purpose

Educate Yourself

It’s not enough to only rely on the things we learn in school. Tony believes that the key to success is looking into people that you want to become and learn from them. Find the ones that have achieved the kind of life you want to have and study them, know what they did to attain their goal and learn how to apply it to your current situation. To be able to produce the best output, you first have to work on yourself more than anything.

Try New Things

Tony says that gaining skills that you won’t usually think that you would need could turn out to be helpful. He once got into a speed-reading class and it ended up helping him immensely and allowed him to learn things that he carried for the rest of his life. It helped him to absorb and process information faster. He was able to read a lot more books and gained knowledge that helped shaped him into who he is today.

Try and learn new things along the way

Find A Mission

And his most important advice for everyone is to not just find a career but to search for a mission. A person who does what they do for a mission is not just doing it for the money. They do their job because they believe in it, they are passionate about it.

It isn’t just work for them, but they see a greater purpose in it. Learning to go beyond yourself and look at the bigger picture around you gives so much more meaning to your work. And when you know that what you do actually matters, that’s when you become truly happy and fulfilled.

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