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Students Looking for Extra Income Can Apply for These Three Online Jobs

Students usually have limited budgets. And with unexpected expenses threatening to mess with those funds, most of them are now considering to look for a part-time job for some extra pocket money.

Some have busy student lives with full academic loads and extracurricular activities, so they may find it challenging to look for a job that they could fit into their already hectic schedules. Fortunately, that is now less of a problem with the growing number of online freelance jobs available. With just a computer, internet connection, and determination, finding a good opportunity is now a whole lot easier.

There are hundreds of jobs you can do online. Most of these enable you to have flexible schedules, so you can still have enough time for your studies or social life.

An advantage of getting freelance jobs while still studying is that you can use your acquired skills later in your career. Some of the best gigs for students even offer substantial compensation for those who do well in the craft. If you’re interested in getting gigs but unsure what to apply for or what to prepare, then this article might just help you. Here are three flexible online jobs that could help students become financially independent.

Jacob Lund/Shutterstock | Students looking for part-time jobs have hundreds of online job options.

Freelance Writer

One excellent option for a freelance job for students is being a freelance writer. Through this gig, you can earn a decent income while still actively pursuing your studies. Writing skills also look good on resumes and could give you an edge when you start applying for jobs after you graduate. This is especially useful if you’re looking into building a career as a copywriter, content writer, or journalist.

The good thing about being a freelance writer is that you can manage your schedule. You can decide when or where you will write. This flexibility also resonates in the topics you write about. If you want, you can choose to only take jobs involving topics you are interested in.


Most companies who are looking to hire a freelance writer ask for a writing portfolio. When you’re just starting, you can consider doing a few projects without asking for fees just to build up your professional portfolio.

To add more entries to your portfolio, you can start a personal blog where you write and publish your articles about a selected topic. To find freelance writing jobs, check out platforms like Fiverr or Upwork. There, you can determine how much you want to be paid. If you’re just new in the game, you may want to start with lower asking rates first.

If you already have enough experience, try reaching out to newspapers, websites, or magazines and send them proposals for them to buy and publish your articles. This can result in a very handsome paycheck.

Flamingo Images/Shutterstock | Create your own blog and start writing articles for your portfolio.

Freelance Editor

The job of a freelance editor is somewhat similar to that of a freelance writer since it also deals with written content. However, unlike writers, editors don’t create write-ups from scratch. Instead, they revise and improve the output of other people.

Companies usually look for native speakers for the job as it entails proofreading and editing articles written by non-native speakers. Editors make sure that the final output will be faultless and have a smoother phrasing, a task that needs the skills of a native speaker.

The job usually involves a broader area, which can include short articles, books, texts, and more. But like writers, editors can also choose to specialize in their chosen topic. If you want to focus more on editing fantasy books, then you can do so. 


To help you get significant experience or have a better understanding of the job, consider doing some editing jobs for your friends. Another way to gain experience is by applying for an editor position in the campus newspaper. You may even get some much-needed guidance on how to improve on your job while you’re at it.

Freelance editors also need to put together a portfolio when applying for a job. If you have some editor friends, ask them for advice and where to search for opportunities. Learn from those who already went through the journey.

Dean Drobot/Shutterstock | Freelance editors proofread and double-check the output of writers for any mistakes.

Voiceover Creator

Have you been complimented for the quality of your voice or how well you spoke? If yes, then you probably have a shot in becoming a voiceover creator. This job is perfect for a naturally good speaker whose voice is something people enjoy hearing. It’s an enjoyable activity that often gives good pay.

Nowadays, the need for high-quality voiceover artists has been rising as more media contents are being created. Companies look for voiceover creators to lend their voices to their commercials, informational videos, and website promos.


You can also find voiceover opportunities on freelance platforms like Fiverr. You don’t have to own the most modern equipment to create quality audio content. If you’re still a newbie creator, invest in a headset, a basic microphone, and audio recording software for your laptop. Beginners can earn around $35 for a voiceover project that could take them around an hour to produce.

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