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Struggling to Figure Out Your Next Career Move? Here’s How You Can Keep Your Professional Progress On Track With These Expert Insights

We know that planning your next career move is the last thing on your mind right now. With companies closing and millions of people getting laid off, all you can think about is holding tightly to your income source. Yes, times are really uncertain these days. But, what are you planning on doing? Hiding under your blanket until the monster goes away might have been a useful tactic when you were a kid. But, unfortunately, as an adult, you have no choice but to face the realities of the world.

Experts claim that you shouldn’t be waiting for things to get “normal” again. Despite the pandemic wreaking havoc, has the world stopped? No, it hasn’t. Life still goes on, for better or for worse. At times like these, experts also claim that you should channel your curious side. What is being afraid going to get you? Nothing at all. But, curiosity? Well, it might just get you your next job. So, utter a little “what if…” and send out your CV today.

Unsplash | Plan today to ensure a better tomorrow

Use these expert insights to help you navigate your professional life during these uncertain times.

1. Keep Your Career Progress On Track

Before you head towards the job market, be sure that you know what you want. Shut the noise of the naysayers out. Figure out what you want, write down the outcome that you are looking for, and pin it to your wall. Sure, the job market might be a little dense right now, but that doesn’t mean that there are no possibilities. In order to achieve anything, you need to be bold, direct, and focus your entire energy on it.

Unsplash | List all the outcomes you desire on post-its and stick them to your wall

2. Overthinking Won’t Help

When things are uncertain, your brain tends to make up excuses for not going after what you want. Our brain is used to making calculations. So, in uncertain situations, it might cause you to over-assess the risk factor attached to any decision. When such thoughts arise when you’re about to take a big step, try diverting your mind to the best possible outcome of taking a big step.

3. Own Your Brand And Brilliance

You can’t really convince anyone to hire you until you know where your strengths and weaknesses lie. While it might be scary to elicit feedback from your bosses, think of all the good it will do in the long-term. Once you know the many ways in which you make your current company excel, think of the ways in which you can promise that to your future employer.

Unsplash | Be sure to shine in front of your boss and coworkers

This might sound narcissistic to some people, but you have to make sure that your achievements shine. Make your bosses and coworkers admit your brilliance. Once you are confident within yourself, you will be able to sell yourself better to your future employer.

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