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Should You Start That Business in 2019?

New Year Resolutions

It is a new year and as expected a lot of people have started trying to make their resolutions. The change that comes with New Year resolutions is quite exciting. It is the season of new beginnings as well as the chance to alter your directions for the best.

The New Year gives room for new beginnings as well as the chance to alter your directions for the best

There are some people who are rightly latent entrepreneurs but are yet to make progress with their New Year resolution. It could be the case that some of these people are currently in an environment they consider a safe one because they work in a big organization that appears to be secure and stable.

Most entrepreneurs at one point or the other have heard that small voice, telling them they could do better at certain things and a lot of these times, they feel like they would have done better if they were in charge.

Each day you do not make the move to start your own business always feels like another day where you feel somehow unfulfilled and uncomfortable. That is so regardless of your level of accomplishment and the number of awards you have received.

Distinct Personality Type

There is a well-known theory that stipulates that there is in existence a particular entrepreneurial personality type which we don’t talk about. For those who would be classified under this personality type, the world has a different look. These set of people are driven and are usually high intensity. Usually, they struggle in any traditional setting and are always constantly thinking up ways through which they can make the process better.

Those with this personality type are driven and are usually high intensity

There are people who like Richard Branson succeeded in overcoming a different hurdle. Branson talks about how he overcame dyslexia. According to him, he was unable to read his financial statements on his own, and that was when he had already become one of Europe’s richest men.

After being in business for several years, a lieutenant working with him called him aside and explained to him the meaning of net income. The lieutenant drew up a picture showing the ocean and then he placed a net filled with fish in the middle of the ocean. The ocean stood for gross income, and the net signifies the net income that was from the revenue ocean. With his explanation, Branson understood it.

Making Things Work

One impressive thing about the story is that it showed that Branson had recorded a high level of success even though he did not know everything. The fact that he didn’t know somethings did not affect the decisions he took. That highlighted a major trait of entrepreneurs which is quite difficult to explain to people who do not take risks. Those who have the entrepreneurial spirit try to reduce their risks to the best level that they can before taking a leap and that is with the full knowledge that they would never be able to know everything neither would it be possible for them to accurately decipher all eventualities.

Those who have the entrepreneurial spirit try to reduce their risks to the best level that they can before taking a leap

There are a lot of amazing entrepreneurs who had taken leaps even when they didn’t know all. When they are compared with their counterparts, there is always a difference, but when compared with each other, you see that there is a visible level of similarity between them in several ways.

Similarities between Entrepreneurs

The important similarity is that they are usually not afraid of failing and rather, they consider failure to be a stepping stone. They do not see losing as a cumulative action, and that is what makes it possible for them to make major gambles.

If you find there is any similarity between you and those entrepreneurs, there is nothing to be afraid of. You should not shut out the voice telling you to keep dreaming, and you should contemplate as well as make plans for a big adventure. However, do not entirely turn things off and you shouldn’t allow the naysayers stop you from going after your dream. Take things one step after the other.

As the New Year rapidly keeps moving ahead, find a calm place where thinking would be easy for you. When you eventually do, try to listen carefully. If the voice keeps drawing you towards setting up your business, go for it.

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