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How to Stand Out from the Crowd When Searching for a Job

The job market is dense with new graduates and seasoned experts alike, desperately looking for a job. They all have impressive CVs and credible references to vouch for their skills. Most of them also have valuable work experience to second their academic accomplishment.

But, the question remains- what is it that makes one candidate better than the other?

Pexels | How do you plan on making your cv unique?

After all, the answer to this question is one that can help you secure the job you have been eyeing with utmost desire.

Here are a couple of tips that can help you tweak yourself, your CV, and your cover letter to make it most-preferable in the eyes of the hiring committee.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

This may seem like very obvious advice; however, it is not that simple. You may evaluate your basic character traits and identify them as your strengths or weaknesses. However, your employer wants to find the relevance of the details you provide.

For example, you were chosen to lead your team members, which makes you a group leader. Now, your employer wants to know what approach or characteristic of yours differentiates you from other group leaders. Simply stating you are a good group leader cannot be dubbed as your strength.

Become visible in the business community

Make your presence known. It is not enough that you fill in the form of a vacancy. Mark your presence through making accounts on social platforms like LinkedIn and Handshake.  You could also try and make personal blogs that could capitalize on your interest and hobbies and portray your passion. Your employer might be impressed by your resume, but he would be interested in finding tangible proof of your efficiency.

Pexels |Start using social media smartly

Dress smart for the position you want

As the old saying goes, “dress for the job you want.” Your employer wants to know that you can dress smartly to suit the promotion you are getting in order to not ruin the business reputation. If you are being hired as a finance manager, you will be representing the business in front of a financial institute, and how you dress can have a lot of influence on how the financial institutes perceive the business.

Pexels | Dress to impress, as they say

Last but not least, be yourself! Your employer has carried out multiple interviews, and he can see through the guise. If you are not an avid reader and add that as your hobby, you are not deluding your employer. If your lie is discovered, your employer will find you an unworthy candidate because you cannot be faithful to the business and are susceptible to fraud.

Hence, there is no need to brush up your CV with lies and fragments of truths about yourself. Be yourself, and you have a higher chance of securing a job.

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