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This Small Investment Will Set Your Career

In 2020, many people struggled with their careers. Millions globally even lost their jobs, and Singaporeans were no exception. Therefore, SAP and Temasek Polytechnic collaborated to bring a seven-month training called the SGUnited Mid-Career Pathways Programme-Company Training for Mid-Career Job Seekers.

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What does this mean?

SAP can provide you with courses that will teach you about data analytics and financial accounting, significantly increasing your chances of finding a job. SAP is recognized as the Best Workplaces in Asia in 2020. These short courses are instructor-led, as well as self-paced, meaning that any participant can learn at their own time with comfort.

What are the benefits?

SGUP-CT will allow 510 participants that have been trained at SAP and Temasek Polytechnic from mid-January 2021. With a small fee of S$583.33, the participants can easily benefit from this course at a fraction of the original cost. This opportunity is great for people who are looking to change their careers and people who are up for a challenge.

If you participate in this course, you’ll be SAP-certified, and you can get a chance to work outside of your state. Through SAP, you can avail job opportunities in Singapore and worldwide with 21,000 partners in over 140 countries.

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What courses are available?

SGUP-CT is only for Singapore citizens and permanent residents who are 21 or older. The participants must have a diploma or degree in either accounting or information technology-related fields. As of now, there 3 comprehensive courses you can learn from. The three certifications include Financial Accounting, Financial Management, and Data Science. These skills are not only the ‘need of time’, but they are also sure to remain in demand for the future.

 – Financial Accounting

With financial accounting, you can learn about automated accounting functions using SAP S/4HANA and opt for jobs such as Application Consultant, Functional Consultant, Business Analyst or Business Process Architect.

 – Management Accounting

With this course, you can focus on taking data-driven insight for managers to take control of business operations and it can allow you to go to jobs such as Application consultant and Functional Consultant.

 – Data Science

This course teaches statistical analysis and development of predictive models within a data science project and through this course, you can apply for jobs as a Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Developer, and Business Analyst.

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Wrapping It Up

If you are interested in Infocomm Technology (ICT) or want to build a career in this field, you can easily join this skills future-funded training. This will enable you to learn new skills and increase your chances of getting employed, not only in Singapore but worldwide, as this field is reaching new heights as its demand soars through the roof.


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