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Skilled Tech Still In High Demand Despite Layoffs

The 2020 pandemic changed many things for people, like increasing reliance on technology and digital platforms. However, it was reversed once things started going back to normal – and the demand for the tech industry has reduced to a great extent. Recently, the news broke out that tech giants like Amazon and Meta were laying off employees.

It has been reported that the tech industry has met with 1,43,500 employees since 2020. As one may guess, this news has left many tech employees devastated and in search of new employers so that they are not the ones to be shortlisted for the next series of layoffs.

Christina/Pexels | The tech industry is facing difficulties since it has expanded to cope with increasing demand

On To Better Things

One of these people happened to be Jaydeep Vacchani, who is a software developer based in Toronto, Canada. He specializes in cloud technology and automation. Cloud technology is all about shifting data storage, while automation focuses on developing software that simplifies labor-intensive work.

Vacchani had started his job search in October, and by November, he was signed with Sherpa, a remote-only tech firm that focuses on providing its client with a simple and easy method to ensure their travel visa documents online. The tech specialist is already on board with the company as he had faced trouble regarding his own visa when moving from India to Canada.

Thisisengineering/Pexels | There’s always a place for someone looking for a better opportunity

Hello Specialists

The secret to success for Jaydeep Vacchani did not lie in the fact that he had an impressive resume or a number of years of work experience. It all boiled down to his acquired skill, which is in high demand. When speaking to Alex Hogan, the vice president of engineering at Sherpa, he stated that he is eager to employ people who are open to collaborative and creative work while being good at it.

Despite the fact that the organization initially started with the intent of hiring generalists but it soon realized that what it needed were specialists who could not only widen the horizon of the company but also become a guiding light for those who need mentoring.

Mikhail/Pexels | The skills you offer should be the ones in demand; that’s how you get hired in the tech industry

Downsizing the Tech Giants

Experts believe that tech companies are relying on laying off their employees as a way to preserve the profit they have secured during the Pandemic, and given the fact that success might not be replicated for a while, companies have an urgency trying to do what they can to save any way possible.

Now Silicon Valley is looking for people who have specialized in data sciences and artificial intelligence tech in an attempt to revolutionize the digital world as you see it today. However, despite the initial shock surrounding the news, this was almost inevitable given the economic circumstances and the instability that was to follow. Downsizing will not only be limited to the tech industry but all industries.

Let’s just hope the economic circumstances only get better from here on out.

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