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Shine Through and Be The Best Applicant Employers Want to Hire By Practicing These Four Tips

Looking for a job nowadays may seem as hard as searching for an M&M in a bowl of Skittles – you know your skills and what you are capable of, still, it is difficult to stand out among the crowd.

With the number of applicants, sometimes it appears impossible to shine through. Add to that the pre-judgment employers have — they’ll look at your CV, go straight to your employment history, and decide what kind of person you are.

Younger adults may have a broader knowledge of technology but older hirees have the experience most companies want in their workers. If you have a child or a family, they might stereotype you as someone who needs to work less or is always busy with personal affairs. If you are a millennial without any ties, they might think that even though you know how to adapt, you might also be a complainer.

Job hunting is a tough competition to win

So, what do you need to do to be free from these labels? You need to start bringing your best foot forward in every interview and exude the professional attitude every employer wants to see — someone that just doesn’t have an impressive skill set but is also willing to improve and learn more. But how will you bring out the best employee in you?

Adapt to Changes

Technology is rapidly evolving. It used to be downloading a certain software on the computer, but now, what you need is just a smartphone and an app to do the same task. Adapting to changes, especially in this digital age, will not just help you to work smarter but it also shows that you can and want to learn new techniques to improve your productivity.

Changes don’t only happen with technology, it can also happen in the workspace. If you are applying to a hip startup, the office culture may not something you’ve anticipated. Some companies don’t even adhere to strict business outfits anymore. Trying to blend with the environment may show that you are determined to be with the company for a long time and that you’re a team player.

Some workspaces nowadays are not strict with their dress codes

Learn to Love Learning

Part of adapting to changes is learning to love learning. When you work, you shouldn’t shift all your attention on making the company better. You must also concentrate on your self-growth. Sure, hirers may choose you for the things you can do but they also want to know if you are flexible enough to expand your skills.

Loving to learn will also show that you can make adjustments to yourself to make you even more beneficial to your employer.

Work Smarter

Working hard is not enough anymore, you also need to work smart to be efficient. Allotting time solely for a task rather than distractions, aka scrolling through your feed or being updated in the latest office gossip, will also make you seem more professional.

This doesn’t mean that you need to distance yourself from your chatty officemates, but you should learn how to balance work and socializing. Maybe you can catch up on their stories after work or during breaks.

Commit Yourself to a Job

You must love what you do to be able to commit to it

To score a job, you have to be sure that you are willing to commit to it, manifestations of it are loving and enjoying what you are doing. Committing to something you don’t like may just stress and burn you out.


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