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Questions That You Shouldn’t Ask at A Job Interview

A dozen questions come to mind when the interviewer says, “if you have any questions, you may ask”, at the end of your interview. But, you need to remember that everything that comes to mind should not be uttered blankly, as it might give a wrong impression to the employer or might turn up against you.

This advice goes out especially to first-timers who are not experienced and may make blunders that may cause them to lose the job. Once you’ve made a bad impression on your employer, even if your CV is marvelous and you’re the perfect candidate for the job, you might be pushed to the end of the selection list.

Pixabay | Be careful what you say during a professional interview

Here are a few worst questions that HR experts have come across. They claim that these questions turn out to be bloopers for even the best of the candidates. Let’s take a look!

What is the age demographic of most employees already working?

The HR experts say that this is one of the weirdest questions where the interviewee was interested in finding out the age group he or she would get to work with. It makes the interviewer feel uncomfortable and just sounds strange to them.

What is the leave period that would be given in a year?

Interviewers state that they came across this question during the initial on-call interview where the candidate was interested to know the vacation period or the perks and additional benefits they would be granted. These sorts of questions display your true motive for starting the job. It gives the impression that the candidate is not invested in the job itself but rather is greedy for the perks and benefits only.

Pixabay | Save the questions related to “added benefits” to another time

What is the work environment of the workplace?

This is an often asked question. Asking about the work environment is not something bad. However, there are candidates who, after stating the question, clarify the reason by telling a terrible story from their past workplace and state that they are planning to sue the previous firm for the terrible work environment.

When you disparage them in front of the interviewer, they get an impression of you being rebellious and outspoken; thus they might refrain from considering you for the job. It’s better not to touch this question because every firm likes their work environment and does not find any fault in it, so upon asking the question, you would only get praises.

Pixabay |You can observe the work environment yourself if you get selected for the job

It is better to plan in advance what questions you must ask if they are still unanswered until the end of the interview. For instance, the best question that you can ask is “Do you have any concerns or confusion regarding the information I have provided you?” It shows that you are eager to nail your interview and secure the job. You may then clear any misunderstandings and simplify the misinformation that otherwise would have left unsolved.

One mistake that candidates make is that they don’t ask any questions at all. Do not hesitate to ask questions thinking that anything you may ask might turn out to be unfavorable for you. Ask at least one question that would show your genuine interest in the job and show your concern towards the job position that you’re claiming for.

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