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Your Profession May Have More Weight On The Car Insurance Rates You’re Granted With Than You Initially Thought

When assessing their applicants, car insurance providers create accurate profiles of individuals considering factors like their age, credit score, marital status, and geographical location. These companies to this have an idea of the amount of risk they may be taking on by providing insurance for certain car owners. But aside from these, one other influential factor that may affect the premium a person pays is their current job. These are the reasons why.

Why It Matters

Statistics reveal that an estimated six million car accidents are recorded every year in the United States.

Insurance providers are particularly interested in knowing the place of one’s employment as they want to determine how much time it takes for the applicant to drive from home to there and vice versa. Longer drives may be seen as negative since it also means more exposure to possible traffic incidents along the way.

The number of days one goes to work will also be considered. Another thing providers look into is the nature of the job of the person applying. If they’re employed in a stressful or complex job, premiums may rise as driving while stressed is said to negatively influence one’s focus while driving.

There’s also the question of income and stability. Knowing a person’s line of work gives the insurer an idea of whether their client has the resources to pay their premium over time. Because of this, those who often change jobs or have different types of jobs may end up with higher car insurance rates as there are doubts about the stability of their earnings.

Insurance Rates & Professions

People who work in car-related jobs also typically get more expensive premiums.

A person’s specific profession may also be a contributing factor to the relatively higher or lower car insurance rate that they’ll end up with. For example, the cheapest quotes are reportedly granted to people who work as ‘nursing sisters’, medical secretaries, as well as occupational therapists.

Meanwhile, the highest car insurance quotes were granted to fast food proprietors. Likewise, car salesmen will also end up with higher rates. These differing premiums across professions are the result of the insurer’s belief that some drivers are particularly more risky to insure than others.

Job Description

Writers are seen as less risky because their job doesn’t usually entail them to head out and drive someplace else.

Meanwhile, award-winning journalist Donna Ferguson puts forward another interesting observation. According to Ferguson, if she described her what she does as being a ‘writer’, this may give her cheaper car insurance compared to if she described herself as a ‘journalist’. Testing this out on the GoCompare website, she found that her estimated premium jumped from $649 to almost $800.

In the end, she concluded that the huge difference is due to the thinking that a writer usually stays put while journalists spend their days outside. She also noticed how those who described themselves as a ‘chef’ instead of  ‘cook’ were granted lower car insurance premium estimates.

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