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This Is How Producer And Entrepreneur Kelly Mi Li Built Her Empire

Kelly Mi Li is a well-known name in the showbiz industry and she’s popular for her work in one of the world’s favorite Netflix series, “Bling Empire.” The first episode of the show was released in January of 2021, portraying the luxurious lives of the cast, and making the viewers develop a sense of affection for the members, including Kelly Mi Li.

On the show, Kelly Mi Li is shown to have calm energy and is extremely empowering to aspiring entrepreneurs. She lets the world in on the journey of her multi-faceted career that goes way beyond just the show. Kelly is an American film and television producer, serial entrepreneur, investor, and a lot more.


Netflix | Andrew and Kelly Mi Li in episode 3 “What’s in Anna’s Shower?” of Bling Empire: Season 1











Film And Television Industry

Kelly Mi Li has had one hell of a history when it comes to the television and film industry. The star has produced incredible Hollywood projects such as “Cypher,” “Echo Boomers,” and “Immediate Family.” That’s not all! Mi Li has created a new production company known by the name Wet Paws Media under which she has five projects in the pipeline. 

Entertainment industry

In the entertainment industry, Kelly Mi Li was the managing partner at East West Artists for three years where she got the opportunity to work with some of Asia’s and America’s biggest musicians and actors. 


Paul Deetman/Pexels | And we’ve all heard the stories of how difficult Hollywood can be

Tech Industry

In the tech industry, she was able to establish “Be Great Partners,” one of the very first tech incubators located in Los Angeles, which turned out to be highly successful. Mi Li has continued to hustle ever since and has invested in over 20 startups. Kelly Mi Li has launched major projects in West Hollywood, such as Palihouse, which was the result of combining her food and beverage industry interests with real estate development. She also turned an old Sunset Boulevard apartment into a speakeasy that once belonged to Jim Morrison.


Lex Photography/Pexels | A Jill of all trades, to say the least















Given that she started her career with an insurance business in Chicago, Kelly Mi Li has lived an extremely impressive life that is full of experiences. She has certainly made a name for herself in the entertainment, tech and business industry but the actor-turned-businesswoman is in no mood to slow down just yet!

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