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Probably the Best Career Tip – Have Awesome References to Back You!

Employers don’t just look at your technical skills before hiring you. They evaluate your creativity, determination, and aptitude as well. But can they find everything about you in just one to two interviews? Not likely!

In such a scenario, if there’s one thing that can help them decide whether to hire you or not, it’s the references you’ve got. Professional references are invaluable. They speak volumes about you professionally as well as personally. And if you haven’t got credible references to back you, well, you may have a tough time cracking those interviews.

Need a little help there? Don’t worry. We’re here to offer a few neat hacks you can use to build your references.


Unsplash | Professional references can go a long way to establish your credibility

Do it before it’s too late

Don’t wait right until the date of an interview to reach out to someone. Try to be proactive and develop a personality such that people never think twice to help you. That also means you should try to help others yourself.

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Take advantage of self-isolation

Though the pandemic has been harsh on all of us, there have been some benefits to it as well. We bet you didn’t have so much time to introspect before! Self-isolation has pushed people to start evaluating their career choices. Have you tried it yet? Trust us, it will be helpful. Think of all the people who inspired you to take up your career. Are you in touch with them? If not, give them a call and thank them for what they’ve done for you. That’s a great way to include them in your references.


Unsplash | Get in touch with people who you’ve worked with closely and who you share a good connection with. They can be your references

Divide and conquer

Divide your references into categories. You should know which people can help you with which situations. Expect references from people you’ve worked closely with or the ones you’ve collaborated with outside of your organization. Get in touch with as many people as you can. The more you connect, the better your chances.

Just ask!

Have you ever thought of asking people to serve as references? Most of us do it the wrong way. Instead of trying to convince someone to say ‘Yes,’ try to make it hard for them to say ‘No.’ This way, you’ll surely get the right references.

Say ‘Thank you’

At the end of the day, some people might be able to help you while some may not. Regardless, you should thank each of them for at least considering your request. Engage them in a little discussion about how your application went. Maybe you can convince them to help you again in the future.

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Unsplash | Regardless of whether someone has been able to help you or not, don’t forget to write everyone of your references a ‘Thank You’ note

So, all we’re saying is…

If you’ve been good at your job and good at connecting with people, there’s no doubt you’ll get good references. Be patient and allow people to know your skills better. You simply can’t undermine the criticality of a strong network.

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