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Are You Old, Retired, and Looking For an Income Source? Try these Part-time Jobs that are Tailor-made for YOU

An official retirement never means your time at the workplace is over!  Sometimes, it means that it’s time to reassess your skills and apply to positions that value your experience and insight above your agility and swiftness.

A life of retirement spent lounging at the porch is not everyone’s cup of tea, and some adults love to stay in the job, either because their retirement funds are scarce and still require an influx of steady income over and above the social security benefits to fulfill their expenses, or because days of lazing away do not befit everybody’s perception of life.

Renee Ward, who operates on behalf of a career organization with adults aged 50 years and above, impressed that it is a myth that older people cannot navigate through modern technology. In fact, the statistics prove that there is a whole pool of older people operating on all the latest social networks such as Zoom, Facebook, facetime, and even popular dating apps.

Unsplash | Your experience is worth as much as a professional degree

However, before pitching yourself forward for a job position, assess your potential and stamina based on how much workload and responsibility you are willing to undertake to leave yourself enough time to relax and invest in your leisure after a lifetime of earning. In the modern era of technology, there a lot of part-time jobs, and work-from-home jobs on the offer for retirees.

1. Become a teacher

You might not have a lot of academic certificates under your belt, but sometimes there are positions where your experience accounts for a lot. These could be classes organized to provide enrichment to the students.

2. Become a translator or transcriber

Do you have great language skills or typing speed? If yes, you might have a talent many publishing houses are looking for, and you could most probably do it from the comfort of your home, according to your own availability. If you are good at it, know that your name could just be on a new book in the local library. You are famous and earning!

Unsplash | A job as a typist can act as a perfect mental stimulus

3. Try a gig for freelancing

Freelancing is a field that offers works based on your portfolio, irrespective of your age or qualification. Hence one could enter the freelance market at any time to work according to their flexibility.

4. A receptionist

Many organizations have now reduced the workload of a receptionist by making it into an honorary position through the automation of the office premises and using navigational signs to guide the customers. Thus, an older adult willing to make small talk with the customers and greet them cordially, could befit the job description well.

5. Invest fewer working hours in the job you already do

You should always check with your employer if he could continue employing you, offering the liberty of reduced working hours supported by a minor reduction in your pay.

Unsplash | Find a desk job that suits you whether it be a call center representative or a receptionist

6. Monetize your passion

Do you feel fed up with a life full of a monotonous job and now want to dedicate your old age to your passion? Do not reproach yourself for being self-indulgent for once and advertise your hobby at the local carnival, and you might just earn some bucks.

7. Become a pet sitter

If you love animals but do not have the patience for having a pet of your own, then offer yourself to become a pet sitter or for taking the animals for a walk when you go for your early morning run. This could be a great way to destress and earn a side-income.

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