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New Career on Netflix: Obama and Michelle in Talks to Produce TV Series

The Americans are well-aware of Barack Obama’s job portfolio which includes several different job positions held throughout his life before becoming the President of the United States. He was a former lawyer, professor, politician, and an author. Suffice to say that he became the masses’ favorite president during his term because of his policies that have uplifted many of American’s lives.

That’s why, even if he already ended his term more than a year ago, his loyal followers are still interested to learn about his next move. Well, it seems President Obama and his wife will come back in the limelight as producers and actors!

A New TV Series to Challenge the Media News Outlets

President Obama revealed that he and his wife are in talks with Netflix to produce a high-profile TV series. The President is set to use the global platform to highlight inspirational stories after his departure from the White House. Currently, Netflix holds an astounding 118 million subscribers worldwide. The said proposed deal stated that Netflix would pay the couple for producing an exclusive content that is only available for its premium subscribers.

Although the details of the TV show such as its format, number of episodes, and the theme aren’t final yet they have already given a few hints on what to expect when watching their latest production.

Former President Barack Obama and David Letterman

Mr. Obama clarified that he won’t use the platform to retaliate against President Trump’s actions and heated discussions. He stated that he and Michelle want the new TV show to be completely free from any political propaganda and hidden agenda. Instead, Mr. Obama will use the platform to spread legitimate news.

Obama has also expressed his concerns on how the spread of misinformation and fake news are influencing the public’s opinion. He stated how these giant companies are manipulating the news in their favor, and how they threat to poison and kill the American democracy. He hopes that his upcoming TV show will shed some light on how to detect fake news and responsible delivery of information in this modern digital age.

A Story to Inspire People

Aside from responsible journalism, the power couple is also set to feature uplifting stories to help inspire people all around the world. More than educating the people, Mr. and Mrs. Obama want to continue their philanthropic advocacies and civic businesses. Meanwhile, the former President’s señior adviser Eric Shultz stated that he was ecstatic about the new career development of the couple. He said that the couple had always believed how storytelling can uplift people’s lives to make a difference. And that’s exactly what the purpose of their future show is. President Obama and his wife, Michelle, have always wanted to explore new efficient ways to tell people about their stories while inspiring them to achieve their best. 

Michelle Obama will most probably produce her own TV show that aims to provide tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle

The Netflix executives also stated the possibility of featuring Mrs. Michelle Obama on topics like health and nutrition, which she aced during her term as the First Lady. Furthermore, Netflix is also open to feature some of the couple’s brand endorsements to fictional stories or documentaries which aligns with the beliefs, principles, and values of the said company.

An Astounding 9-figure deal!

The management didn’t disclose the settled amount to ink the deal, given that the couple lacks the experience in dealing with media business. However, based on Netflix’s past $300 million deal with Ryan Murphy, we can guess that Obama’s deal might fall in a 9-figure as well. Which is quite justifiable, considering how the executives from Amazon and Apple also expressed their interest in featuring the power couple to their streaming services.

Michelle Obama at her Book Signing Tour Last February, 2017

After the former President left the office, he’s been living his new life as an author while maintaining a low profile. He has written memoirs and books together with his wife. The sources revealed that publishers paid Mr. Obama more than $60 million to ink the said deal.  Not only that, but most event organizers paid the President thousands of dollars for delivering key speeches not only in the United States but also overseas. We cannot deny that aside from reading these memoirs, millions of Obama followers around the world cannot wait to unveil this new TV series. Are you excited to watch this upcoming production on Netflix?

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