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Negotiating Your Salary and Benefits Might Be Tricky, But There’s Something You Can Do to Reach Your Goal

If you are given an offer from an organization, then it means that they are enthusiastic about you and desire that you work with them. The thought of settling the stipend with the organization is not so comfy, yet it is essential in the job hunt, and almost every employer is open for negotiations. Here are some tips to help you settle for increased salary and more benefits;

Do some background research

Involve yourself in doing some background research before negotiating for your salary, as the pay doesn’t only encompasses just the monthly stipend but the health care facilities, over time, transport expenses, annual bonuses, and other perks.

Remember the cost of living

Adding more to the list, you should run some numbers through your calculator to find out the monthly cost of living near the workplace as you’ll have to relocate yourself to the nearest neighborhood.

Whenever you get the job offer, just figure out that the stipend the company is offering is enough to cover all the living costs, including utility bills, food rent, and other payables. On an ideal note, you should also have a similar amount of money to save for future expenses or retirement.

Be open to having a conversation

For starters, you should show interest and reaffirm the enthusiasm in the interview about the company’s mission and the job offer. One can do that by asking questions which includes statements like “Is this manageable?”, “I am really excited to work with you, but there is one thing that I want to inquire about.”

You should start the conversation in a friendly way, but the communication must be professional and to the point. Avoid unnecessary questions like dress codes and leave encashment criteria. These things can be discussed later.

State your offer

Try to use the research you did for the negotiation. You should make the offer clear with the data to support your claim. Provide the evidence for the increment in benefits, increased salary, or whatever you want. Make sure to highlight why you are the only potential candidate for the job, share your past experiences, and show interest in working a long time for the company.

If you don’t get what you were looking for like the salary raise or other benefits, make sure to cash out other benefits such as flexible work time or leaves. The basic idea behind the negotiations is to find out that if the job you are being offered is the right fit for you.

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