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How Minimalism and Decluttering Help Entrepreneurs Stay Hyper-Focused

Nowadays, you will often encounter the word “minimalism”. But what is minimalism and why are many individuals embracing a minimalist lifestyle?

Minimalism isn’t a new trend but it certainly has become more appealing to the younger generations seeking less distraction in this constantly evolving modern world. The core principle of minimalism is all about living with less; to eliminate the unnecessary and focus on things that give more value to your life. The minimalist lifestyle offers a life with more freedom, less stress, and fewer distractions.

In this consumption-based society, we can observe that our homes and workspaces are full of things that are not essential. Consumerism has been successful in creating desires for us to keep purchasing things that don’t necessarily add value. We have also become slaves to our own technology; smartphones have become our new cigarettes where quitting is almost impossible. This constant distraction by all the clutter in the physical and digital world has decreased our ability to focus. 

With that, entrepreneurs are taking advantage of utilizing minimalist principles to help them minimize distractions and keep them hyper-focused all throughout the day.

Younger generations are now being minimal when it comes to their work desk

Is Your Smartphone Helping You or Distracting You?

Nowadays, our smartphones have become one of the “essentials” in our lives. Everything is there–our alarm clocks, calendars, to-do lists, documents, and other work-related and entertainment apps. 

All of its benefits make it seem like the perfect gadget we cannot afford to lose. However, little did you know that as much as your smartphone is helping you, it is also keeping you from maintaining your focus. When you succumb to the popping notifications from different phone applications and messages, this distracts the flow of your current task. 

By the time your phone becomes successful in getting your attention from doing tasks that actually matter, you will see yourself multi-tasking. This results in disorganization, stress and subsequently reduces your productivity. 

Although useful, your smartphone may be a distraction to your work

Organize Your Space

Your peace of mind stems from a decluttered, clean, and minimalist workspace. In an office setting, traditional cubicles make the space feel isolated and cramped. On the other hand, an open office floor plan exhibits a more fluid space that helps increase collaboration and better communication among your colleagues.

As simple as looking for a pen or an important document on your disorganized desk is beyond doubt making you lose your focus. Organizing your workspace is as simple as sorting documents according to their importance, detangle and tie computer cables together, and getting rid of pens and sticky notes you do not even use.

Fun fact: not all of your office files and supplies need to be on your office table. Lastly, regularly clean and organize not only your office table but also the files on your computer.

Declutter your workspace

Benefits of Decluttering

There have been several studies showing that a cluttered space induces stress and anxiety. Since entrepreneurs have a rather busy and fast-paced lifestyle, staying focused is key to accomplishing plenty of tasks. This will drive you to have a clearer mind that encourages creativity, bearing an effective and thriving business environment.

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