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Being a Manager Means Being an Effective Coach: Here’s How You Can Become a Better Leader

Being a manager may sound easy if you’re an employee reporting to one but they are also burdened with several tasks that would be critical to the development of the company. First, they are responsible with the teamwork among the people in a workplace; second, they are the ones to lead and to direct their peers at work; and last, they must make sure that there is progress not just in the job done but also with the people they manage.

Seeing supervisors in their offices, eyes glued up on the screen of their computers or ears stuck with a phone all day look daunting. But apart from dealing with the pressures of the higher-ups to meet the company goal, managers are also given the very hard responsibility to coach their employees, which is very crucial. How can people they assign tasks to unleash their potentials if their boss doesn’t know how to bring these out? So, here are ways they can become better at this:


Attend training to become a better coach

Not everyone is born a good coach, which means not all managers are naturally equipped with the skill to teach other people. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have a chance to become supervisors.

Most people who are not good at this avoid matters that will result in an argument with the other party, some of which do this because they don’t know how to handle the issue. Sometimes, this stems from their own experience – they weren’t coached when they were developing their careers. You can always attend training that will help you develop the right skills to become an effective leader.


Giving out rewards to managers can cultivate a better coaching environment

As a boss, you can ensure that there will be growth in your company if your manager knows how to coach. If you can’t find a way to help your managers become better coaches, you can always try the reward scheme.

This isn’t a new idea per se, but we oftentimes give out incentives to those who meet or exceed the company’s goals, but rarely or sometimes never for those who achieve coaching milestones. Awarding certain people Coach of the Year is a great way to motivate successful coaches and inspire others to follow suit.

Changing The Perspective

Oftentimes, employees feel that when they are asked to talk to a manager, there is something wrong. That’s why some feel frightened, thinking they will be reprimanded – this is because it was the same instance they previously experienced.

Not to say that you shouldn’t call the attention of an always late or erratic employee, which is the corrective type of coaching, perhaps the most popular. The other type is called developmental coaching, which is when you reach out to your employees to talk about his/her growth and goals and teaming up to think of ways they can achieve their objectives in life.

Change your employees’ perceptions about talking to you as a manager

It is imperative to have meaningful conversations like this because it will help your employees change their perspectives about your role and in approaching you. When the time comes, they won’t hesitate to tell you about their problems. This could also lead to better performance and increased motivation.

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