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Kate Hudson Just Made Boho-Chic Cool Again With The Launch of This New Clothing Line

Kate Hudson made a name for herself in Hollywood with her charming roles in plenty of romantic comedy movies. Being the daughter of equally charming veteran actress Goldie Hawn, people expected no less.

Aside from her million-dollar smile and acting chops, Hudson is also known for her impeccable personal style mixing vintage and modern pieces for an overall bohemian look.

Now, she’s bringing back the heydays of boho-chic style as she launches her first clothing line, Happy X Nature.


Some of the pieces in Happy X Nature’s first collection of ‘70s-inspired designs.

The 39-year-old actress slash businesswoman is proud to release her very own clothing line featuring clothes that mix her personal style and environmental advocacy.

The 30-piece collection is composed of tops, pants, dresses, and jackets which are all inspired by the bohemian and nature hippie look that was popular in the 1970s. What more, the Happy X Nature ad campaign’s desert road trip theme is the perfect recall to one of her well-known movie characters, Penny Lane, the hip groupie, from the film Almost Famous.

This is not surprising since Hudson made sure that she only designs clothes which she herself would wear. For the actress, authenticity is of utmost importance especially when it comes to fashion.

Happy X Nature clothes will mostly be sold through its very own online store. Eventually, fans can expect to see the clothes on the rack of its upcoming physical stores in New York City.


Hudson is also active as the face of her clothing line even serving as one of its models.

Hudson’s designs are inspired by flowers and the colors of the sky and the sun. But this isn’t where their nature theme ends.

Wanting to minimize the impact that her collection would make in the environment, Hudson used recycled fabrics and other materials to make her clothes. Some of the denim items in the collection are even made from fibers taken from recycled bottles. Yes, you read that right. Talk about corporate responsibility.

What more, all of the clothes’ packaging is also made from all biodegradable materials. The product packaging, including tags, doesn’t use plastic and are said to full decompose within just 12 to 18 months. Still, the sustainable clothing brand prices its clothes at a relatively affordable price range of $48 to $148.

Hudson and her business partner, Danny Fujikawa’s, environment-friendly approach is what led them to name their brand aptly as Happy X Nature.

Previous Fashion Ventures

Hudson has capitalized on the popularity of her personal style with her retail fashion ventures.

This isn’t the actress’ first venture into the world of fashion retail though. Hudson is also the mind behind the uber-chic and highly successful activewear brand Fabletics.

Determined to juggle both brands, Hudson made a distinction between her two ventures. For her, Fabletics is all about honoring the body while emphasizing the importance of leading a healthy and active lifestyle. Happy X Nature, on the other hand, is about encouraging free-spirited and fun lifestyle which also pays attention to caring for the environment and creating less waste.

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