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These Are the Internship and Job Searching Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Sometimes an unintentional mistake can prevent you from finding a good job or internship opportunity. Here are some tips to help you avoid common mistakes many people make when looking for a job.

Deposit Photos | It is important to avoid making errors while submitting your application

  1. Proofread Everything

There’s no such thing as being “too careful”. It is common to leave minor mistakes in your CV or cover letter, affecting the employer’s overall perception of you as a candidate. Double-check that the companies and titles in your application materials match the position you are applying for, especially when creating custom documents for each application.

Get in the habit of reading everything. Print and read your CV and cover letter starting at the end and working backward for any errors. Then, ask an employment advisor, or even a friend or family member to help you double-check.

  1. Adapt Your CV to the Job Description

Sending the same CV and cover letter for many applications will not help you stand out to your employers. After reviewing the job description, look at the keywords and phrases they are using or the skills, they are looking for. Your CV will attract more attention if you try aligning your CV and cover letter to the company’s requirements.

Deposit Photos | Ensure that your CV is accurate

  1. Your Social Media Image Can Be Misleading

Employers regularly search the Internet for more information about applicants. If the social media content they are accessing makes them uncomfortable, that might be the end of your journey with the company. If an employer searches the internet for your name what will they find? Will the information on your social media accounts help or harm you in your job search?

Deposit Photos | Review your social media profiles

After applying for a prospective job, be sure to look at your online presence from the employer’s perspective. If there’s something negative or disturbing, delete it immediately. Otherwise, change your visibility settings to private.

Make sure everything you post reflects your identity. Update your profiles to show your activities and interests. For example, if you are passionate about changing the world, show how you participate in your community through blogs or photographs. Be active in your area of interest on social media.

  1. Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

It goes without saying, if you never apply for a job, you’re never going to be selected for one. Sometimes we hold back from great opportunities if we feel we are not meeting all the description requirements. If you are interested in a job and think you can do it, apply even if you don’t meet all the list points. Most employers interview applicants if they meet 70-80% of the criteria.

We hope these tips will help you during your next job search. Good luck and happy searching!

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