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Find Out What The Boss Of UK’s Recruitment Agency “Hays” Has To Say About Immigration Plans

The UK government’s controversial decision about immigration has been supported and endorsed by Chief Executive Alistair Cox, the boss of the recruitment giant Hays. Sharing his views regarding the decision, he believes that it will help firms operating in the UK to grow better than ever. He also stated that all individuals, whether EU citizens or not, will be equally treated while considering for jobs, and no discrimination will be made based on background by his organization.

Cox told the press that if companies can’t depend on the cheap workforce from the EU, they will have to change things and look forward to thinking about training their workforce. Giving them the skills needed will be extremely beneficial, as technology is rapidly taking over.

Organizations in the UK require world-class talent

To construct a world-class economy, Cox believes that companies need to have world-class talent accessible to them and not just those who came from somewhere else in the EU. It’s just not right to differentiate between all the world-class people, for example, those from Canada over those in France. He further added that he is happy to see the changes.

All these concerns arose after the post-Brexit immigration decided to dismiss visas for low-skilled laborers, heightening fears over a shortage of workers in sectors like the care and hospitality industries. The Government wants to propose an Australian-style points policy, requiring skilled immigrants to earn £25,600 or more if they’re entering the UK with a job offer.

On top of all these, there are also industry leaders who are warning that it could be disastrous for other sectors, such as farming, building, and food and drink businesses as well.

The current plan may invoke fears and calamities

For Cox, it is a “positive move” for the recruitment market that Hays works in, which involves so-called white-collar workers. Yet, he also thinks that there would be issues for sections with low-skilled laborers. He stated that although it is ideal, there will be a few divisions that have traditionally been reliant on a nearly consistent supply of extremely low-cost labor from all over the EU, who will briefly encounter difficulties.

Employers will only be given until January 1, 2021, to provide the requirements and guarantee their staffs’ right to be employed in the UK. As per the Government’s paper, the plans will see the UK have absolute command over who will enter the country for the first time in a long time.

However, an autonomous person from the Migration Advisory Committee stated that substituting liberty of movement with a points-based immigration policy after Brexit may diminish economic growth and may have no effect on rendering additional British jobs for British laborers.

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