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Here’s the Question You Must Ask If You Seek to Impress Your Prospective Employer

Interviews can be daunting for you. After all, your future employer is going to judge you, and if you get employed, you would have to face him the rest of your career life. It is more or less the defining moment of your career and may, to a certain degree, determine your relationship with your future employer.

Thus, you may sit your interview with the plan of being completely amicable. It by no means implies that you should sit tight and act robotically, answering every question with lucidity and brevity. This is not the attitude most employers seek out in the applicants. Your interviewer will be glad to answer any questions you may have for them.

Shutterstock | Don’t show up for an interview without doing research

Be cautious, though! Do not ask any obtuse questions about the business that you could have researched beforehand, like what field the business operates in. You will only disappoint your interviewer with your careless attitude since you never bothered to search for even the business’s most basic info. On the other hand, given below is one question that you must ask.

Why is the position you are applying to vacant?

This question can reveal a lot about what is expected of you in the business. The answer will lend you an insight into the person who occupied this post earlier and how he/she was received in the company. This will guide you in how to behave and how to act in the organization to please the higher authority.

Shutterstock | Key pointers will help you perform adequately in your new role

Here are a few reasons the company may have a vacancy and what it means for you!

– It is a new position

This means you will be the one setting the standard for the position. The employer, too, may have some expectations from you. You’d have to be super vigilant in such a position since you have no idea what is expected of you would affect your performance unless you engage in regular conversation with them.

– The previous employee was overqualified

If this is the case, you know that they do not like over-efficient employees. They do not have a lot of room for autocratic employees. Know that if you are making independent decisions and are a heady person, you will not be entertained in the company for long.

– The previous employee was underqualified

This is a clear indication that you have to walk two steps ahead of the previous employee. Do not follow your predecessor when it comes to taking the lead. Try and discover from your supervisor what they require from your position.

Shutterstock | You must have the confidence to take charge when called upon

This question is of utmost importance and, as observed above can lend a lot of insight into your future job requirements if you get a clear response.

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