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Here’s How Networking Outside the Office Might Help You Get That Pay Raise

There’s nothing wrong with being an introvert. You find comfort in working alone, finishing tasks without external distractions, and performing your best when no one is around. But what if you can get a higher salary just by knowing some, err the*right*, people? There’s the famous line, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. While those who like to keep to themselves might find this statement to be unnecessary, experts have time and again stressed the importance of networking and putting yourself out there.

It pays to know the right people because they can be instrumental in you getting a job, getting paid what you deserve, and advancing in the workplace. Talking to them about certain important matters, such as the salary even though it is usually seen as a taboo, can be helpful towards really getting what you are worth. Let’s face it: there are only a few brave souls who can really speak their minds about this “money talk,” but fret not, there are ways to approach that topic.

Be Open

Open up to your peers and let them put their trust in you too

The workplace isn’t really the right place for gossip, which is ironic since an office building is usually inundated with throngs of unconfirmed rumors, but sharing things about oneself is an exception in this case. A lot of your co-workers naturally express interest in each other, want to know you and understand your passion, but don’t mistake that to be a reason for oversharing. SixFigureStart co-founder Caroline Ceniza-Levine said that this is more important for those just starting their career because the relationships you build will follow you.

The career expert further explained that communication is a two-way street, so what might be OK with you may not sit well with others. At this point, you should be honest and direct about your strengths and weaknesses and how you plan to harness and overcome these. That way, when your colleagues feel that you are trustworthy, they might open up, too, and who knows, they might disclose their monthly paycheck in a hush-hush off-the-record conversation.

Build Your Network

Building networks is important, too

Networking here refers to building your professional networking and socializing in the workplace; it’s very important to build connections and relationships with your peers.

Associates from other companies that you have worked with or met can be good resources, so it pays to not burn those bridges. According to a survey, where you reside and where you work are also factors to a more robust chance of networking.

It also goes without saying that you need to identify and associate yourself with people who have a good reputation. Building connections with high achievers and accomplished individuals can not only be a source of extrinsic motivation but also inspiration and guidance.

Stay Proactive

If you are a boss and you saw a proactive employee, wouldn’t you be impressed by that person? It pays to take initiative in the workplace. Set up a meeting with your supervisor and update them on what you have been working on – the bottom line is, don’t wait for them to ask what you’re doing and where you are at on the assigned project.

Show how driven you are to your boss

During those crucial meetings, you can normally perceive how much your boss expects from you on the task at hand which makes your objectives clear and ensures you are on the right path. Since your employer is busy with a lot of things, you need to make sure to make those precious meetings count to make a good impression, which will come in handy when you ask for a raise.

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