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Here’s Why Everyone Should Opt For A Career Portfolio

The job market is a confusing place; you have to have a proper resume that entails every relevant work experience you have acquired to date. You drop in your CV, and then you get called for an interview. Once the date is set for the interview, you nervously pace back and forth the day before and practice how you will present yourself, because after all, it is a make-or-break moment. In the interview, the hiring manager asks you about your past experiences and gets to know you on a personal level so they can determine whether you’ll be a good fit for the open role or not.

Once that’s done, you anxiously wait for an answer and hope that your conversation has convinced them to hire you. However, what if there was an easier way to do that? A different way in which you could demonstrate your previous work so that the hiring manager can get a special insight into what your work is like. It will surely make the hiring process far easier. This approach is called the portfolio approach.

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Portfolio Over Resumes

It is not easy sitting in a room full of people who are attentively listening to you as you justify the jobs that you’ve worked. Also, not everything can be jotted down on your resume despite it being an essential part of your working experience. This is why a portfolio approach is the best way to show off your skills and let your work do the talking for you. This is quite important for people who are a part of the gig economy; their work is solely based on what others have to say about them and displays what they’ve done previously.

Becoming A Necessity

As these independent workers continue to become a growing part of the US Labor force, they need to understand the value of portfolios. Whenever you avail a service, you thoroughly study its reviews and know completely about their work so that you know you’ll be getting the best service. Similarly, when you hire an independent worker for a task, you would want to know whether they are good at their job or not.

Mentatdgt/Pexels | Maintaining a portfolio is key to attracting new clients.

Future Is Freelance

Freelancing has become one of the hottest career choices in recent years. Thanks to COVID-19, the gig economy took off, and many people were introduced to the world of independent working and being your boss. Rather than working at a typical 9 to 5 job, freelancers have the privilege to set their working hours, take their desired amount of work, and work in the comfort of their homes. People looking to work in this field should consider developing a portfolio, which will help them attract more clients and jobs from around the world.

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So, are you inclined to start maintaining a portfolio or would you prefer to work in a traditional manner?

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