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Guide to Remote Learning for Job Seekers Looking to Work from Home

Due to the pandemic, most companies are offering remote jobs. In previous years, remote jobs weren’t exactly trendy, so most people were unaware of basic digital programs. When it is a necessity of life, it’s essential to learn these digital skills to survive the financial crisis in the upcoming years.

Pexels | There’s no survival without digital skills

Here are a few questions people end up asking when they are willing to work from home but are new to technology and digital skills.

Do companies provide remote-job skills training?

It’s possible that you were the best at the physical job you were doing earlier, but you’re not super tech-savvy. However, if you’re willing to seek a remote job, you might be confused whether the employing company would provide digital skills training or would be expecting you to know it from the first day. Do not worry and do not resist applying only for this reason.

Most hiring companies do give some training on which applications and programs they would be using, but they expect the employee to come with a basic understanding of those programs. Even if they do not provide the initial online training, do not be stressed. It’s not something challenging to learn the basic programs of remote collaboration and communication.

Pexels | Virtual training cant be as effective as physical training

Should I undergo a proper qualification?

You do not require spending a fortune on paid courses to learn some basic programs. The internet is providing numerous free training options that are easy to understand. Getting the basic know-how was not this much easier before. Online training is free of cost available in all languages, so it would be more comfortable for you to understand. Moreover, online training at home will enable you to work with technology and digital programs at your pace while practicing with your friends and family. The following online training programs would be suitable for you, enabling you to learn with trial and error:

  • Grow with Google: A training program offered by Google to learn the Google communication programs for job seekers.
  • Tutorials by bloggers and vloggers: You can subscribe to famous bloggers who explain how to handle various digital programs with step by step pictures or videos.
  • LinkedIn: An opportunity resource: Microsoft and LinkedIn have collaborated to provide job seekers with a free platform for remote e-learning.

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Which programs should I consider learning?

FlexJobs Career team offers its applicants to train themselves in the following remote-collaboration programs:

  1. Skype
  2. Zoom
  3. Dropbox
  4. G Suite (includes Meet, Google Classroom, and Google Drive, etc.)
  5. Bluejeans
  6. Microsoft OneDrive
  7. Slack

Now you realize how easy it is to train yourself for remote jobs, the idea of which was haunting you for days?

Now enroll in any online training program recommended by the FlexJobs Career Coaching team by watching a handful of tutorial videos posted on YouTube and become a tech-pro in a few days.

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