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Genius Mind behind Super Mario Offers Handy Career Advice

Let’s first agree that there are some childhood constants for every generation. Things like hatred for broccoli and spinach, fear of visiting the dentist, and the desire to play football, for instance. But among these globally staple factors one thing that most kids absolutely love doing is binge-playing cool games on their PCs, smartphones or televisions.

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Now the love for playing games on a screen has existed for several years. Back then they were called video games. And through all this time if there’s one game that has stood the test of time, it’s Super Mario. During its peak, Super Mario captured the imagination of children in literally every country of the world. To create something like that, one would have to be pure genius.

Well, Shigeru Miyamoto is certainly no less. The man behind Super Mario, Miyamoto, is without a doubt every child’s hero. And when a man like that gives advice, you listen!


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In this exclusive post, we’ve brought to you the best career advice you can get from Miyamoto himself. So if you want to make it big in life, you shouldn’t miss this.

Broaden your horizons

Miyamoto doesn’t deny the importance of having a personal good time whether through playing games or engaging in sports and movies. But he emphasizes on a very peculiar point when it comes to entertainment. Super Mario’s creator says it’s okay to have fun, but every now and then you should think about entertaining others as well.

The guitar-strumming creative superstar describes this as “broadening the horizons.” He believes his path to success began when he started thinking about entertaining others through a new idea of having a good time.


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When asked how he was able to convince people from different backgrounds to fall in love with the same game, he said it was very simple. He created his game’s main character to be very mediocre. A 25-year-old struggling to achieve a goal! Isn’t that what most 25-year-olds do? That’s true out-of-the-box thinking, don’t you agree?

Mix more with people

Miyamoto further recommended spending more time with family and friends. According to him, getting in touch with people helps understand their needs and thought processes. That’s the only way to learn what people want and then find suitable ideas to help them. When you make others happy, you can’t help but be happy!

He explains that most of his ideas dawned on him during meetings which were utterly boring. He also gave credit to the innovative thoughts he came upon while having showers, but then, most of us have our brightest moments there, right?

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To give a few last words

Benefiting from the experiences and advice of successful people around the world is the first step to success. And Shigeru Miyamoto is nothing short of an icon in the gaming industry. So his words should be pure gold for you if you want to achieve real success in life.

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